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My Law School Plan – Self-Assessment
One of the themes of the Start Law School Right course is that there is no one right way to do
things in law school – instead you need to figure out the way that is right for YOU.
That being said, you have now read some cases, briefed those cases, attended lecture, taken
class notes, worked on an outline, and written an exam answer. We’re sure you have learned
some things along the way about what will work best for you! As you get closer to the start of
the semester, it is a good idea to spend some time thinking through how you want to approach
your class work and studying given what you have learned over the last month.
Specifically . . .
Reading Cases
Have you thought through the best time to do your reading? (Keep in mind that you will likely
need to read every day.)
Will you do it at night before the next day’s class?
Will you try to squeeze it in during the day between classes?
Are you a morning person who wants to read first thing in the morning?
Do you want to do most of your reading for the week over the weekend?
Why do you feel the option you picked is the best solution for you?
How do you plan to brief your cases?
 Are you going to type them out?
 Handwrite them?
 Book brief?
Why do you think this is the best solution for you?
Class Notes
How are you planning to take class notes?
 Are you going to type or handwrite?
 How are you going to organize your notes?
o If you are typing are you going to use Word or OneNote?
o If you are writing, are you going to use ringed notebooks, binders or our
suggestion of Circa Notebooks (or check out the Staples version)?
Why do you think this is the best choice?
As we discussed, outlining and reviewing throughout the semester is two keys to success.
 What day of the week are you going to block out time to review your class notes and
work on outlining and practice? (Remember, you want to target likely 4 hours a week
for the first few months of class.)
 How are you planning on making your outlines?
o Typing them?
o Handwriting them?
o Making flowcharts?
Why do you think this is the best solution for you?
Tell Us What You Thought of Start Law School Right?
We’d love to have your feedback on the course, so we can make it even better.
 What did you like best about the Start Law School Right course?
 What do you think could have been done differently/better?
 Do you think this course helped you get ready for your first days of law school?
 Would you recommend this course to another incoming 1L? Why or why not?
We encourage you to keep a copy of this questionnaire and review it again a few weeks into
classes. It is important to keep evaluating what is working for you and what isn’t. This is the only
way you truly figure out the right approach for you. And if you have questions, you can always
reach out to us, even after classes start at [email protected] and
[email protected]
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