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HSR Live – A quick how to guide
Now that you are a member, we want you to contribute and really make this community come alive.
As a member of the HSR Live website, you are able to view all the content available but we encourage you
to contribute in the following ways:
GROUPS - Start your own group or join a group and add to the discussions within each group. As a
member of each of these groups you will get an email every time that something new is posted within
the group
Q&A – do you have a question you want to ask the community? Ask it here and you’re bound to get
a response from either the research community or the NHS managers community
IDEAS & INSPIRATION - Have you been inspired or excited by anything lately that you want to
share with the rest of the community? Then go to ‘Ideas & inspiration’ and click on the + to add your
thoughts and share your inspirations
OPPORTUNITIES - Do you know of an open call for research, new funding opportunities, or a new
job post coming up in your organisation? Share it with the rest of the community by ‘ADD
BLOG - Do you want to blog about your work, research or your thoughts about health research,
health policy, etc? Then go to ‘Blogs’ and ADD your blog to the mix
EVENTS - Do you know of an event coming up you want to share with the community? Then please
go to EVENTs and add it
And please invite anyone in your network or workplace that you think would be interested in HSR Live by
going to the MAIN PAGE and click on ‘Invite friends’. The website is still in ‘beta’ so any recommendations,
comments or issues with the site would be greatly appreciated as you continue to use this site. Please
email: [email protected]
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