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STUDENT A’s QUESTIONS (Do not show to Student B)
1) Do you believe in horoscopes?
2) Do you ever check your horoscope?
3) Who writes horoscopes and how qualified do you think they are?
4) Is it possible to predict future events just by someone’s star sign?
5) Why is it that the things written in horoscopes are always so boring?
6) If horoscopes are true, we all follow one of twelve future paths. What do you
think of this?
What kind of person is someone with your star sign?
What aren’t there horoscopes in serious newspapers?
Do you think it’s strange that in the twenty-first century people get paid to write
10) Do you know anyone who checks his/her horoscope religiously?
STUDENT B’s QUESTIONS (Do not show to Student A)
1) What do you think about what is written in horoscopes?
2) What kinds of people believe in and follow horoscopes?
Do you think there are horoscopes in every country?
Can you think of a typical horoscope prediction?
Why would anyone think the position of the stars and sun can tell us whether or
not you’ll meet the man/woman of your dreams on Tuesday night?
6) Do you think horoscope writers believe in what they write and predict
7) What would you like your horoscope to say?
8) What does your religion say about horoscopes?
9) Do you think horoscopes could be dangerous?
10) What questions would you like to ask a horoscope writer?
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