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A farmer who came from Henan was sentenced to life imprisonment, because he
avoided a highway tolls totaling 3,682,000RMB during an 8 month period, it said that
during these 8 months, he drove through this highway 2362 times. that means that
each time he drove on this highway he needed to pay more than 1500RMB! How can it
be? What kind of highway is this? How can it charge such a high toll to this farmer?
This is the most ridiculous case I have ever heard, even more ridiculous than "My dad
is LiGang!"
This case has now caused enthusiastic attention of netizens, please pay attention to
this data:
Time: 8months, 240days, 5760huors
Per day toll: 3680000÷240=15333
According to the Henan highway charging standard is 0.45/km, so this farmer one day
needs to drive: 15333÷0.45=34073km. Wow, the judge is an idiot??
And how much money do you think this farmer can make per day?
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