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Reflection activity
Read the following reflection from an ePortflio that is not in correct order. Identify the STAR L elements by typing situation, task, action, result and learning into the text boxes next to the corresponding paragraph.
I took the initiative and volunteered to provide some formal IT training to my colleagues. I organised a series of three practical workshops which took them step by step through the new program showing how it was relevant to their jobs and how it could make it easier for them in the long term. These sessions also gave my colleagues the opportunity to voice their concerns and raise any questions. I dealt with the majority of the questions myself and persuaded them of the effectiveness of the program whilst adapting to their needs where possible.
There was a range of age groups and backgrounds and varying levels of technical ability amongst the administrative staff and some were reluctant to work with the new program. While I offered to help, some were hesitant about being trained by a younger new employee.
While employed at Ethical Accountants last year on my WIL placement a new accounting program was introduced.
I learned that by using my communication skills, I was able to put forward a constructive plan and convince my colleagues of how helpful the program could be. Communicating with the team as a group helped everyone achieve a team goal and became a team building exercise as well as meeting productivity targets
At the end of the workshops, all of my colleagues were ready to start using the new program, acknowledged its usefulness and were happy to come to me with any further questions. This resulted in improved job satisfaction and increased productivity - numbers of returns increased 5% in the four weeks following training.
Answer: 1. Action, 2. Task, 3. Situation, 4.Learning, 5.Result
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