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SOAMS testimony Student C - Male
I attended Fir Vale School and Silverdale Sixth Form in Sheffield. Many
students from Silverdale and Fir Vale attend university in Sheffield. I think of
university as somewhere I will be learning some really exciting and interesting
things and a place where I will make lots of new friends. I have always wanted
to attend university because it is one of my biggest life ambitions.
Medicine has always been something that I am interested in because my sister
had severe and complicated medical problems. It will be amazing to have a
similar career to the doctors who cared for my sister. I want to save lives and
make a difference to peoples' lives.
I knew entering the medical profession would be very competitive. Getting a
place on SOAMS and having a guaranteed interview at Sheffield conditional
upon securing the required grades at AS level provided me with an
opportunity to help fulfil my dream, and now it really is possible for me to
become a doctor. The scheme really makes a difference and makes social and
personal backgrounds irrelevant, thereby eliminating barriers to Higher
Education. SOAMS helped instil belief in myself. I was really excited, inquisitive
and a little nervous when I joined SOAMS, but the best part about the scheme
was the summer school because I enjoyed all of the activities. My friends and
family were very happy for me and very supportive. SOAMS really motivated
me to work harder to ensure that I achieved the necessary grades to be
accepted onto Medicine.
I would also like to say special thank you to Mrs. Kahler (EMA and Student
Support officer) from Silverdale School, who advised and encouraged me to
apply for a place on SOAMS. I only hope other students have the same
opportunities as I did.
I am the first person in my family to attend university. Since becoming a
medical student, I have inspired my brother to attend university to study
medicine. I am really grateful for SOAMS which is why I am happy to give back
to the scheme through being a SOAMS Student Ambassador where I can now
pass on my advice and answer questions of prospective medical students. I
feel that I fit in well at The University of Sheffield and I am involved in many
societies and clubs.
I hope to become a Neurosurgeon and hopefully carry out some cutting-edge
research and pioneering new surgical techniques within this specialism.
Thanks to SOAMS, this aim is now within reach!
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