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Ronnie McKee – Business and Technical Translations
Palacio de Gorraiz 2, Bajo B, 31620 Gorraiz (NA)
+34 948357964
[email protected]
I would like to present myself for consideration in translation projects. My language pair is
Spanish/English and I am a native English speaker. I have strong functional knowledge and
extensive experience with translations in the following business areas.
 General Management
 Customer Contracts (including Intellectual
Property Rights)
 Sales and Marketing
Manufacturing and Production
 Logistics, Warehousing and
 Information Technology
 International Commerce
 Accounting and Finance
 Presentations
 Technical Translations
Types of Projects Completed
Executive Management - Business Plans, Accounting, Financial Reports
I have good experience in the translation of short term and long term business plans as well
Annual Reports, Balance Sheets, P&L Statements, etc.
IT - Business Studies, Implementation Designs, Project Plans and Technical Documents
I have, for numerous projects, both participated in and managed the translation of Business and
Design documents used for the planning and implementation of systems (ERP, warehousing,
logistics, inventory planning, manufacturing etc.)
Sales and Marketing
I have done a large number of translations of Sales plans, Marketing studies/analysis,
presentations (Power Point), and customer agreements including intellectual property rights.
Technical - Reports, White Papers, Training Documents and Manuals
Included in my experience is the translation of numerous reports and/or white papers, training
documents for many technical areas, including machining, nanotechnology and mathematics.
Some Recent Customers
I have done recent work for the following customers:
 Flame SOFC – Power Electronics description of solid oxygen fuel cell
 Threellop Nanotechnology – business plans, presentations, technical papers
 Panda Antivirus – Product description
 Foro Europeo Campus Emresarial (Huarte NA) - Course Descriptions
 Premier Power Spain (Mutilva Baja NA) – Marketing Materials, Presentations, Employee
Unicef Navarra (Pamplona) – Miscellaneous documents and studies
Renault – Marketing Plan, Media Plan, Presentations
Advertising agency for P&G – Campaign reports and presentations
Various translation agencies in Spain, France and the U.K - Financial Analysis, Requests for
Proposal, Customer agreements, user manuals, etc.
Translation certification
Masters Bus Adm (MBA)
Sociology / Info Tech
New York University - New York, USA (ongoing and online)
Foro Europeo Campus Empresarial – Huarte NA
Sacramento State University, California, USA
I will provide references as required.
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