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Dóra Šukolová – Dexter Morgan
Dexter Morgan is a quiet, nice and proper man working at the police department of Miami Metro
Homicide. At work he analyses crime scenes and blood splatters or runs some tests. He likes his
job, but not as much as he loves his family – he’d be willing to do anything for them to keep them
all safe.
He was “reborn” in the middle of his murdered mom’s blood at the age of 3. It changed him
for the rest of his life. His supportive father helped him control his darkness and tension in a way a
lot of people wouldn’t agree with. At first he was just hunting animals, but eventually he became a
killer – starting with his father’s nurse who didn’t give the patients the proper medication.
Ironically, working as a forensics analyst gave him all the practice he needed to become the perfect
serial killer, leaving no traces behind.
His actions are positive because he doesn’t kill innocent people. He only takes away the life
of the ones who did many bad things: violence, torture, murder. Dexter is also sensitive to abused
ladies, it’s more likely that he’ll kill someone who did something horrible to women (and got away
with it or did their time as a prisoner).
Many criminals get away with their frightening actions because of dirty lawyers, good luck
and lack of evidence. Dexter is not just a simple analyst – he’s his own ultimate detective, hunting
down his vicious prey and taking away their lives so they couldn’t hurt anyone ever again. He puts
his dark, killing needs to a good use, depriving the world from cruel criminals.
Dexter is not evil. Bad things happened to him, and he’s in a special control of his darker side.
He wants order, he wants justice. Justice that can’t always be provided by the law...
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