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SOAMS testimony Student F
I have always wanted to be a doctor. The thought of interacting with
people, teasing out information and using my own knowledge and
judgment to make an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan excited
me. What better way to make a positive impact on a life? Yet having
never met anyone who’d been to university before, I just didn’t know
where to start.
When I heard about SOAMS (Sheffield Outreach and Access to
Medicine Scheme) I knew this was something that I could use to help
me reach my goal, this was my big break.
SOAMS is a scheme that helps build the aspirations of young people
from backgrounds that don’t traditionally enter medicine. They help to
tackle the obstacles that these young people face by providing positive
role models, encouragement and advice.
Through this scheme I gained valuable information about becoming a
medical student. From guidance about writing my personal statement
to advice about what crockery I would need to take into halls of
residence. This scheme really opened my eyes to a different way of life. I
was in direct contact with medical students and suddenly my dream of
being a doctor didn’t seem so unrealistic after all.
SOAMS also helped me to organise work experience in a hospital
working alongside nursing staff and doctors. This ‘hands on’
experience really encouraged me to further myself and gave me the
motivation and confidence to go out and volunteer at a local nursing
The work experience that I gained was the most influential in cementing
my career path. I would encourage anybody who is thinking about
studying medicine to look into gaining some experience in a caring
environment as early as possible. It helps build an essential
understanding of personal qualities needed to study medicine.
Looking back I am so grateful to everybody who raised my aspirations
and helped me get to where I am today. I’m currently in my 4 th year
and absolutely love being on clinical placements. No longer do I have
to learn just by reading books, but I can do all the fun, practical things
on a daily basis. The skills I learnt during my work experience have
stayed with me; already being able to confidently start conversation
with patients has definitely given me a head start!
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