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2008. 3. 23. Sunday Sermon at Yoido Full Gospel Church – Seoul, Korea
Speaker: Rev. Yonggi Cho, Senior Pastor
What Shall I Do with the One You Call the King of the Jews?
Mark 15:12, NIV
"What shall I do, then, with the one you call the king of the Jews?" Pilate asked them.
Introduction: When Jesus was dragged to Pilate to stand trial, Pilate stood before the crowd and
said, "What shall I do with the one you call the king of the Jews?" What Pilate said here certainly
catches our attention, because the Bible asks the same question to all people on earth, "What will
you do with Jesus?" How we think and decide about Jesus during our life on earth determines our
eternal future. Why can’t we take Jesus for granted?
1. Biblical prophecies about Jesus.
1) Jesus' coming as woman's offspring (Ge 3:15; Isa 7:14).
2) The true picture of Jesus (Isa 9:6).
3) Jesus became the redemptive sacrifice of humankind (Isa 53:1-6).
- People cannot be indifferent to Jesus who was born according to prophecy.
Jesus’ declaration of His mission.
1) God's testimony (Mt 3:16-17).
2) Jesus declared that He is the Messiah (Jn 4:25-26; 5:17-18).
3) Jesus predicts His death and resurrection (Mt 20:17-19; Mk 10:33-34).
3. Testimonies about Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.
1) Disciples who saw the death of Jesus.
2) Jesus rose again and appeared to the disciples.
ⓛ To Mary Magdalene (Mk 16:9).
② To the disciples who were going to Emmaus (Lk 24:13-16).
③ To Peter (Lk 24:33-34; 1Co 15:5).
④ To 10 disciples (Lk 24:38-43).
⑤ To 11 disciples (Jn 20:26-28).
⑥ On the shore of Galilee (Jn 21:4-6).
⑦ On the Mount of Galilee (Mt 28:16-20).
⑧ On the Mount of Olives (Lk 24:50-51).
Conclusion: What will you do with Jesus who has been recorded this way? You cannot just turn
away and ignore Him. You must decide whether you will believe in Jesus Christ or not.
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