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Career Template
Name (and age optional).
Photograph of person – optional.
What does the company do and what is your current job title? Try and relate the answers to
pupils by giving everyday examples of what you do, or making it relevant to their lives – keeping it
clear and relatively simple.
Tell the pupils something unusual about your job/company/product
Outline how you reached this specific role i.e. school, college/university, first job etc.
What skills do you use in your job?
What do you like about your job?
What is the salary – or salary range?
What are the entry qualifications?
What did you study at school and how relevant were the subjects?
What did you want to be when you were 8?
What do you like about the food & drink sector/industry?
What advice would you give to school pupils thinking of a career in the food & drink industry or
thinking of going on to study a food & drink related course?
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