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“My birth name is Maurice Williams. Over a year ago I had my name legally changed to
Ezno Valido Dunamus Weinberg. Although my legal name is now Enzo Weinberg, I will refer
to documents and events that occurred when my name was Maurice Williams.
“In 2008, I was a known rapper and music producer in the Houston area. I operated
under the stage name of “Wine-o,” and later sometimes as “Hefe Wine.” In the music industry, I
had known a music producer named Lee Roger for some time. He had a good reputation, and by
2008, he had worked with many of the established hip-hop artists in the south region of the
United States. At the time, Lee Roger was working on an Asian music label called Yippee
Records. He was interested in having me work on that label as an artist and a producer.
“On June 7, 2008, Lee asked me to show up at the offices of Yippee records to meet the
owner, whom I recall being named John Rieger. Lee had his own office there in that building
too. They gave me a tour around the office and introduced me to staff. They were talking about
the label, artists under contract, and business projections. At this time, Lee introduced me to
someone he believed to be an up and coming artist from Australia called Amethyst Amelia
Kelly. Her rap or stage name then was “Regal,” but she is now known as the hip-hop artist “Iggy
“Amethyst was in town to talk to Lee about signing as an artist. Lee does not like dealing
with underage talent, so Amethyst said that she had been told to wait to come to Houston until
her 18th birthday. Amethyst had flown in the day before, on June 6, 2008, and she was staying at
the Intercontinental Hotel in the Galleria Area of Houston. When I was introduced to her, on
June 7, 2008, it was her 18th birthday. Lee had made sure to check her passport to verify that she
was 18 years old, and he made a copy of it.
“Because it was Amethyst’s actual 18th birthday, it was suggested that we all take her out
for her birthday, especially since she was from out of town and had no friends or family with her.
We went to the Salt Grass Steakhouse off of I-59. It was a small group, including Amethyst, me,
my assistant Akeem Saleem, Lee Roger, the label owner John Rieger, and some staff and
producers from the record label. The waitress found out that it was Amethyst’s 18th birthday,
and the restaurant staff came out banging pots and pans singing happy birthday to her. They also
put a big hat on her head.
“I have now seen the below sworn statement from Amethyst saying that she met me in
March 2008, and that she was 17 at the time:
This is false. After Amethyst made this allegation of being 17, Lee showed me a copy of her
passport that he had made on her 18th birthday. Lee would not let her come to Texas to talk
about working with her until she was 18. That was the first time I ever met Amethyst, and it was
on her 18th birthday, when I was introduced to her by Lee Roger. That was also the first time
that Lee had ever met her in person. Her sworn statement, which she also made to a federal
court in California, is wrong.
“Later that night on her 18th birthday, some of us went back to Lee’s house, where he had
his own studio. We stayed there until approximately 2:00 a.m. Amethyst was worried about
getting back to her hotel. Instead of calling a cab, she got me to drive her back to her hotel,
where I dropped her off. Before she went back up into the hotel, she asked me what I was doing
the next day, and whether she could see me then. I told that I would be working out in the
morning, and she asked me to take her to work out with me.
“On Sunday, June 8, 2008, I picked Amethyst up at the hotel and took her to work out at
the 24 Hour Fitness gym that used to be on Post Oak in the Galleria area. We worked out, went
to get something to eat, and spent a lot of time talking. We hit it off. She had already gotten me
to talk to her mother in Australia over the phone. We talked about seeing each other the next day.
Amethyst kissed me and thanked me for spending all of this time her.
“The next day we went to Yippee Records. Afterwards, we were driving around and she
started kissing me aggressively. We decided to go back to my apartment, where we began a
sexual relationship. She talked to her mother, which she did all the time. She and her mother
suggested that it would save money if she stayed with me instead of at the hotel. Her mother was
fine with that, and so was I. I later understood from Amethyst that Amethyst had come to the
United States when she was 16 and that she had lived with a man in Florida during that time, in a
sexual relationship, before returning to Australia.
“After that point, she moved in with me, and lived with me, and we started an intense
relationship, with each other or talking to each other just about every day. Amethyst
acknowledge this is an email that she sent me months later, in November 2008:
“Amethyst and I started living together in mid-June 2008. She moved into my condo at
917 Main Street in Houston, Texas, with all of her possessions. Her mother, Tanya O’Neill,
approved of this decision and was very involved in it. Tanya would send money to me through a
paypal account to help us with expenses. Amethyst talked to her mother every day, and often I
was brought into these conversations. A common topic in these conversations was Amethyst’s
immigration status and when she might need to return to Australia. Amethyst and her mother
would talk about ways that Amethyst could stay in the United States and pursue a career in
music here.
“Amethyst spent a lot of time investigating citizenship status and immigration laws on
the computer. At the end of July 2008, after we had been living together about a month and a
half, Amethyst started talking to me about the idea of a common law marriage. Amethyst had
been searching on the internet about Texas marriage laws and had learned a lot about how Texas
recognizes a common law marriage. I had heard the term common law marriage before but did
not really understand it.
“Amethyst told me that she had researched Texas marriage laws on the computer and had
figured out how we could be common law married. Amethyst said that she had looked up the
Texas legal requirements for a common law marriage. She explained to me that all we had to do
was agree to be married and then we could tell my friends. She did not have any friends, and she
was only close to her mother. She would joke that it would have to be my friends, since I
introduced her to everyone. She said that it would be easy to be common law married. We were
in love and already had been living together. Once we were common law married, she said that
she could go to a lawyer and eventually start the paperwork for getting citizenship.
“Amethyst brought this up a lot, and she talked to her mother about it as a way to stay in
the United States. Her mother liked the idea of our being married. She always talked about how
good looking bi-racial grandkids would be. Amethyst would not drop it. When she got
something into her mind, she would keep bringing it up, and she did this about common law
marriage and that she wanted to become a United States citizen.
“One thing that Amethyst kept telling me that she had learned was that I had to be finally
divorced before we could be legally common law married. She knew that I was in the process of
getting divorced from Bengela Williams, as we had separated in 2005. Below is part of the first
page of my divorce decree showing that I got divorced on August 29, 2008:
“That same day, after Amethyst knew that I had gotten divorced, we talked very seriously
about whether we should be common law married. She told me that she wanted me to know that
she loved me, accepted me, and she wanted to commit to us being married to each other. Below
is an email that she sent me when she was talking about making our relationship more
“We talked about it, and within a few days we decided we wanted to be married. She
wanted to have a special celebration for our agreement to be married. She was very good at
baking and cooking. It was around dusk, and we did not have much money at the time. She
made me my favorite meal of sloppy pancakes and eggs. After eating, we then went for a long
walk around downtown talking about our future. That night, my friend and assistant Akeem
Saleem showed up at the condo. We both told him the news that we were now husband and
“Amethyst and I talked to her mother, Tanya, the next day. Tanya told us that she
preferred us to go get married formally. Tanya was concerned that we might need a formal
marriage certificate for Amethyst to apply for United States citizenship.
“There are too many times, and people, to remember where and to whom we held
ourselves out as married.
“Amethyst also told me all the time that we were married, and sometimes she would put
this in writing or write her name including my last name. Below is an email from Amethyst
where she referred to me as her husband:
Whenever we would fight, she would remind me that I was her husband and that we were meant
to be together. Often when I was leaving the house, she would remind me that she would be
home waiting for me and that I was her husband. She was insecure when I would leave and she
wanted me to remember that we were in a committed married relationship.
“She also signed her name as Amethyst Williams.
“On at least one occasion, Amethyst told a doctor that we were married. Amethyst gave
the doctor permission to talk to me about her medical records and issues. Amethyst sent me to
pick up her prescription and medical records from the doctor, and did not go herself for every
appointment. Amethyst has now testified under oath in California that she “never” used the last
name of ‘Williams.’ Her testimony is wrong, and she should know it.
“Below is another email where Amethyst was using my name to show that we were
“We stayed together as husband and wife for many, many months, living apart only when
she would go back to Australia for her visa. In 2009, we decided to relocate to Atlanta. My
condo in Houston was in foreclosure, and Amethyst and I both thought that the opportunities in
our music industry were better in Atlanta at that time. Amethyst and I worked with her mother,
Tanya, and my friend Bryan Gordon (Shon) to find places for us to live in Atlanta. We lived
there together for a few months, but we were arguing a lot.
“We were trying very hard to market Amethyst as an artist. I was getting meetings and
making introductions with a lot of industry people in Atlanta and elsewhere. It involves a lot of
rejection, and you have to be able to handle it gracefully. For example, Shon and I got Amethyst
a good lead with Elite Modeling, which is a very good modeling agency. They really liked
Amethyst, but told her that she needed to lose 3 inches from her waist and lower body. She did
not take that well, and even though they liked her, she threw a tantrum, and they never got to
work with her. She would often throw tantrums about what other people thought. The best way
to say it is that she burned a lot of bridges.
“These tantrums, and her fits, caused a lot of stress in our marriage. She was also always
arguing with me, and she was very insecure and possessive. We started not getting along often.
One night, when she was arguing with me, I began to feel so bad that I left and had to go to the
hospital because I thought I was having a heart attack. Instead, my blood pressure was very high
and the doctors told me it was because of stress. Otherwise, I was in great health.
“I then had to go back to Houston because I was feeling like things weren’t working
between Amethyst and me. Once I was separated from Amethyst, I started feeling like my old
self again. I realized that the stress caused by my relationship with Amethyst was negatively
impacting my life and was not good for us. So, while I was back in Houston, I decided we
should separate.
“By the time we separated, we had lived together for many, many months. We had told
many people that we were married, and had agreed and recognized over and over that we were
“For a long while, I held out hope that we might get back together and work out our
issues. But after a few years I moved on and got into a relationship with Stephanie Martinez and
I wanted to marry her. I now understand that, even if you were married informally as a common
law marriage, you cannot just break up and stop being married. I never understood that until
recently. I knew very little about what a common law marriage was, and what little I knew came
from Amethyst’s research. I have done things and said things after Amethyst and I broke up not
realizing that legally we would need to get divorced in a court after being common law married.
I simply did not understand the law and did not know better.
“Amethyst has now denied that we had a relationship. She has tried to say that I pursued
her, and that she wanted to do nothing with me. This is false. She pursued me, and for a long
time we were very much in love. Below are a number of emails and communications showing
that Amethyst and I had a relationship and that she was pursuing me. She has falsely denied
these details in court.
“Below are sworn statements from Amethyst that she provided to the federal court in
“These sworn statements are wrong. As to unwanted sexual advances, Amethyst pursued
me in a sexual relationship. She initiated our sexual relationship when we met in Houston in
June 2008. Below is a selfie that she sent me. This does not reflect that I had made ‘unwelcome
sexual advances’:
“Throughout our relationship, Amethyst told me how important I was to her. Below is an
email in the beginning of our relationship, after we had been together over a month:
“She also told me how important I was to her, not just from a sexual standpoint, but from
a relationship standpoint. This is one example:
“She told me over and over, for a long time, how much she loved me. Below are a few
examples of how she told me that she loved me and talked about our relationship:
“There are many, many more emails throughout our relationship where Amethyst was telling
how much she loved and needed me. The statements that she has made in federal court, and in
the press, are wrong. We are married and were in love with each other.
“Amethyst also claimed that I followed her to Atlanta and that she did not want me there.
She even claims that she needed to “escape from me” and was aided by her family and police.
Below is what she filed in federal court:
These statements are false. Amethyst wanted me to come to Atlanta. We planned to move to
Atlanta to live together, and her mother helped plan and find a place for the both of us to live
together in Atlanta.
“Below is an email showing that Amethyst loved me and wanted to be with me before we
moved to Atlanta:
“Again, right before we moved to Atlanta, she told me that she loved me and that she
wanted to start fresh with her in Atlanta:
“Amethyst was busy looking for places for us to live together in Atlanta:
“Her mother Tanya was also involved in helping Amethyst and me to find a place to live
together in Atlanta, where she also refers to herself as ‘mum’:
The place that Tanya mention in her email is the Buckhead Grand residential tower, which is
located in Atlanta. Below is a description of the listing for the apartment that Tanya was looking
at for Amethyst and me.
“Below is a string of emails where Amethyst and her mother are talking about finding a
place for us to live together in Atlanta:
“Below are more emails showing that Amethyst’s mother was actively searching for a
place for Amethyst and me to live together in Atlanta:
“Again, during this entire time Amethyst was telling me that she loved me and wanted
me to be with her. Below is one example:
“After Amethyst and I split up and decided to spend some time apart, with me staying
back in Houston, she wanted to get together with me a try again:
“Even after we broke up, she still wanted me to come back and stay with her in Atlanta:
“Amethyst’s mother also wanted to know whether I would visit Amethyst in Atlanta:
All of these emails, from Amethyst and her mother, show that Amethyst’s statements in federal
court were false.”
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