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Briefing to SUNY
Oneonta College Senate
Dr. Janet Nepkie, Chair FACT2
Dr. Hanfu Mi, FACT2 Campus Representative
Mr. James Greenberg, FACT2 Campus Representative
IITG Program – See Kathy Meeker for more info.
Deadline March 1st.
SUNY Center for Professional Development
SUNY Provost’s website is at
Power of SUNY information available at
The Numbers
SUNY Learning Network (SLN)
35 campuses involved
Campus Consortia are forming to promote collaborative degrees
12,000 full online sections in an academic year
3,800 Gen. Ed. Sections guaranteed to transfer
3,400 course sections of foundation courses in major guaranteed to transfer
95 Associate degree programs
41 Bachelor’s degree programs
20 Master’s degree programs
SLN Challenges and the Future
While conceptually any student can take online or face-to-face courses
from other SUNY campuses while a full time student at their “home”
campus, those courses are not covered by financial aid unless
campuses have a “Consortia Agreement”
Campus departments that might want to offer a specific BA/BS online
must convince other departments on their campus to fulfill degree
Chancellor Zimpher – Open SUNY is an expansion of this environment
to “facilitate student success”
You can read more about this in the SUNY Strategic Report at:
A synoptic look at the big’ish’ items in this plan:
Open SUNY Consortium (Financial Aid)
Targeted Online Degree Programs
Degree Completion Programs
Prior Learning Assessment Service
Use and creation of Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs)
Experiential learning opportunities
Research Network
Open SUNY Content
Online programs to support workforce development
Extend SUNY Brand to national and international audience
Realignment of U-wide academic programs
Send questions or comments to
[email protected]
[email protected]
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