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Presentation by:
Shaina & Brandon Hiatt
Abby Schwendeman
About Diane Gossen:
“Dr. Gossen has served as an elementary teacher, a
high school teacher, a special education teacher, and
the director of an alternative school for Emotionally
and/or Behaviorally Disordered (EBD) students. She
has given presentations and seminars in Canada, the
United States, Australia, Japan, Ireland, Italy, Norway,
Ukraine, Croatia, Slovenia, Indonesia and Iceland. She
is the author of several books focused on classroom
Gossen’s Theory of Restitution:
“Self-restitution is a process in which students who
have behaved inappropriately:
(1) reflect on their misbehavior,
(2) identify the need or condition that
prompted it,
(3) create new ways of behaving that are in
keeping with the kinds of persons they want to
-- Charles et. al. (page 39)
Gossen’s Restitution Triangle:
Using the Least-Coercive Road:
 Phase 1– Opening Up the Territory
 Phase 2– Establishing the Social Contract
 Phase 3– Establishing Limits
 Phase 4– Teaching students how to make self-
 Phase one calls for opening up the territory and
maximizing freedoms.
 Two guiding ideas for this phase are…
 “Does it really matter?”
 “Yes, if…”
Phase two is all about establishing the social contract
and building a sense of belongingness.
Discussion should focus on two matters:
What the class believes in
(the group values and beliefs)
Establishing class agreements
(a social contract)
 Phase three focuses on establishing limits and
clarifying personal power:
 My Job, Your Job
 Enforcing the Bottom Line
My Job vs. Your Job:
 Phase four is about making things right and
healing oneself.
 “What are you going to do to fix what was done
 “How are you going to become like the person you
want to be?”
Teacher I Want to Be and
Student I Want to Be:
On a piece of paper that you can turn into the
presenters, please reflect on at least one of the
following questions that Gossen poses to teachers:
Do I want to be responsible for my students’ behavior
or do I want them to be responsible for their own
Do I think it is my job to make them learn or do I think I
am responsible for providing them with a safe,
information rich environment so they can learn for
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