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Some Reflections on Inclusive
Education: Teacher Preparation
Prof. Dr. Simon H. Haskell
Conference on Inclusive Education for Children with
Moscow, 27-29 September 2011
A time traveller looking back
What historians advise their pupils to do
Setting things in context
Explore different perspectives
Today’s concerns
Never to repeat the history of neglect and shame
Awareness of the history of inclusive education
Respect and acceptance of human diversity
Provide appropriate resources and skilled teaching
Competent Teachers
Are prepared to deal with full array of learning
Acquire knowledge and skills
Have an appropriate grasp of curriculum and
assessment practices
Are responsive to the needs of all children
Some burning issues
How can we achieve educational goals for all children
while respecting their diversity?
What is inclusive education really about if it cannot
be reduced to location?
How can we avoid the stigma surrounding difference
– a danger that lies in denying differences as well as
in recognising them?
Teacher education
For what understanding of difference do we need to
prepare teachers?
Experience the power of learning through shared
experiences with peers
Ideology or practice?
Shared knowledge or complementary knowledge?
Strengthen teachers – build communities of practice
How to face the challenge
How can we live happily and yet not annoy God?
Process or goal?
… concluding with words from Tolstoy…
Thank you for your kind attention!
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