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Thank you for purchasing my Diablo 3 Money Making Guide.
I made 227k gold in just 5 minutes. Now if you do this for about 60 minutes you
will make about 2,7million gold!
You will earn money by doing this, but not as fast sometimes because it
depends on how fast you will get your money from Auction House.
Head to Act I and head to the Town in New Tristram.
Look for the person selling armor.
Now this is the tricky part, the price of armor changes
Sometimes so you will either earn more or less.
You will never lose anything on this so you will
only make profit using this guide.
Purchase the cheapest item in the shop, in my case it is the Scouting Cloth Tunic.
Buy as much as your bag can fit, you will save more time by putting all your existing
items in your stash so you can buy a bag full in my case Scouting Cloth Tunic.
Head to the Blacksmith, by saving time you press
the anvil instead of talking to the Blacksmith.
Salvage all your armor you just bought.
You will get Subtle Essence and sometimes also
Fallen Tooth.
When you think you have done enough work
you leave the game and enter the Auction House.
I sold my Fallen Tooth for 28952 and I changed the
price from 1260 to 1200 on my Subtle Essence to get a
quicker sale. I got 452400 for my Subtle Essence.
I started with 1082814 gold and after everything got
sold I had 1310687.
Now, this was only about 5 minutes work and I earned
227873 gold!
If I had done this for about 60 minutes I’d earn about
2,7million gold!
You will earn less or even more than I did if you’re lucky.
It all depends on what the Auction House’s prices are
and what price the vendor sells his items for.
That was all.
I hope you will make some money using my guide!
If you need any help please message me on Sythe.
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