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Pet Breed
General Description :• One of America's native breeds.
• American Curl is a medium-sized
cat with unique ears that curl out
and back in a graceful arc giving a
unique alert appearance to the
• The swept-back ears give the cat
a happy, perky expression that
quickly brings a smile to the face
of everyone who sees them.
• The sophisticated head combined
with the graceful body provide
the American Curl with a stylish,
dynamic presence.
Personality :• Curls are curious, exuberant and
loving companions that greet
each day with joy as they look for
new challenges and adventures.
• They are exceedingly peopleoriented and pat you to get your
attention as they want to include
you in all their activities.
• They adore children and adapt
well to other pets and new
• They are alert and inquisitive but
respect the earlier occupants.
Size:• The American Curl is a medium-size cat, weighing
5 to 10 pounds.
Health:• Both pedigreed cats and mixedbreed cats have varying
incidences of health problems
that may be genetic in nature
• American Curls are generally
healthy, but some lines have
problems with narrow ear canals,
which can lead to ear infections
from wax buildup.
Coat, Color and Grooming:• The Curl stands out for his distinctively shaped
ears, but even without them he is a striking cat
with a sweet expression.
• A silky coat that can be long or short and any
color, including such exotic shades as chocolate
tortoiseshell smoke, silver patched tabby and
lilac lynx point.
• Curls are alert, their ears swivel forward, but the
tips point to the center of the base of the skull.
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