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I am a movie critic
Student: Yavorskaya Vika
Teacher: Smolyakova
Nina Ivanovna
1. Key words
2. key-word expressions
3. spidergram
4. story
Key words
Key-word expressions
-historical films
-special effects
-to be kind and patient
-movie critic
-positive features
-joyful mood
-a lot of funny situation
-a good way to relax
-negative features
-to believe in unreal things and events
Spidergram :
I want to tell you about genres. I know
some genres of films such as thriller, horror,
romance, western, melodrama, comedy,
adventure, historical films, musical, fantasy
and etc.
Many people prefer adventures because
they are stuffed with events, full of special
effects. There films are very great,
impressive and splendid. They teach people
to find their way in life. Adventures grab
people’s attention from the first scene. They
are exciting, moving and entertaining.
But some people like romances because
they teach people to be kind and patient, to
help find their way in life, to believe in
love, don’t mistakes in relationship with
people in life. They teach people how to
behave in different situations.
But today I want to be a movie critic and give
some points of my view according to comedy
because I suppose that such a genre requires to be
discussed from different kinds of opinion. At
first, I’d like to point out positive features of
comedies. They put people in a joyful mood.
Such films makes people laugh, happy and smile.
Comedies teach people to be kind and cheerful.
They keep people in attention to different events.
They have a lot of funny situation. Comedies are
a good way to relax and spend your time
wonderfully. But on the other hand, there are
some negative features. For example, they teach
people to believe in unreal things and events.
Sometimes such movie have got unpleasant scene
which influence badly on spectators.
As for me I watched some comedies for
a long time ago such as “Adventures
Shurik’s”, “Big Stan”, “Love and pigeons”.
They are excellent, magnificent, fantastic,
sensational and wonderful! I couldn’t help
laughing. This films put me in a joyful
I do like comedy such as “Love
and pigeons”. In this movie a lot of
funny moments. For example, When
an old man came to Vasily, to say
Vasily good-bye he brought a bottle
of wine with him and they wanted to
drink it together. But suddenly an old
man’s wife came, the man was
frightened and put the bottle into a
jug and when she began to wash up,
she understood that it wasn't water
but wine. She was furious.
Staff from film:
All in all tastes differ. Every
person likes or dislikes according to
this or that genre. So people watch
what they prefer to their liking.
Thanks for your attention!!!
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