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Constance was born on October 30, 1930, in Fargo,
North Dakota.
Her family consisted of her father, Laurence
Kaspari, his job was an agriculture farmer and had a
postal job. Her mother, Virgie Kaspari , was a clerk
in a hardware store and she also worked raising her
children; Constance, Gertrude and Pat.
The recession affected Constance’s
family in the 1927’s. They lived off of
the farm as much as they could. There
was a major drought which affected
livestock and fields by limiting the
ability to progress.
As a teenager, she worked for a farmer
by cleaning and taking care of their
children. She made enough money to
buy a down winter jacket. As a farmer,
she raised chickens, canned and
gardened. She also raised 7 children.
Eventually earning enough money to buy
a $200 dishwasher.
Constance went to a county school
with grades 1-8; one teacher for all
grades. She went to 4 years of high
school in Sheldon, North Dakota. She
wasn’t disciplined, because she felt
guilty if someone wasn’t pleased with
what she was doing. She grew up in a
rural community.
She didn’t collect anything, but did
read a lot of books. She liked to
embroider, sew, play cards and loved
riding her bicycle. Her favorite candy
was “Nut Good” candy bar. She liked
Jack Benny, Red Skelton, cribbage and
Most of the information about current
events she learned through school. Her
dad did talk about politics a little bit.
She didn’t have much interest in
politics. They didn’t talk about equal
rights. Where they lived, there weren’t
any other races other than white
The family once went on a vacation to
Oregon. They used to have picnics at
the Behrens Farm and would drive their
car into the river to wash it. We lived
in a big square, 4 bedroom farmhouse.
This was our second house which I
really liked since I was able to have my
own bedroom.
My sister Pat, went to college to be a nurse.
I graduated from high school and became a
master gardener.
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