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I Hate/Love my
Online Reputation
Presentation by Mike Myers
Thursday, September 6, 2012 - 10 AM
Aria Hotel and Casino – Starvine Room 7
About Me
• Started selling cars in 2001
• Held positions as sales consultant, F&I
manager, BDC manager, Digital
Marketing Director
• Co-founded in 2010
• Partner with AMP and AutoCON 2012
• Married, 3 kids, hockey fan, volunteer
firefighter and rescue tech
What We Will Cover
What is Online Reputation?
Your image through a consumer’s eyes
How customers find you
What makes a good/poor reputation?
Hidden advantages with reputation
How to start and develop effective
reputation strategies
• Buy-in and commitment
What is Reputation?
• 1. the estimation in which a person or
thing is held, especially by the
community or the public generally;
repute: a man of good reputation.
What “WE” Show Customers
The Cuban-American
gynecologist car salesman
Real Life Review – The Woman
• “I agree with all the negative comments
made here. She is very deceptive. The
worst experience of my life. What was
already a traumatic experience was
made massively worst by this duplicitous
woman. Wish I had seen these reviews
• “She overcharges, blames her mistakes
on you and is nasty to her own clients.”
Ask Yourself…
• Would you do business with this
• Would you recommend this person?
• Would you give her a chance
Would you buy a car from her?
Real Life Review – The Man 1
• “This is an AWFUL man in general. He is very
condescending and downright rude! He has
no compassion. He tries to intimidate his
clients into saying what he wants them to say.
He asks a question then will not even shut up
long enough to allow anyone to speak to
answer. When an answer can actually be
given, he tries to twist what was said. I wish this
man actually owned a conscience so he
could one day feel bad for the person he has
become and his effect on others.”
Ask Yourself…
• Would you do business with this
• Would you recommend this person?
• Would you give him a chance
Would you buy a car from him?
Real Life Review – Man 2
• “If you do decide to use these crooks,
please bring a lawyer with you. They
leave forms blank on purpose and fill in
the blanks later to suit them. STAY
Ask Yourself…
You’re getting the point…
Would you buy a car from him?
Who Were They?
• The Woman
• The Man 1
• The Man 2
What is Reputation Again?
It is personal
It forms opinions
It shapes careers
It effects business
It reaches deep into communities
Are these Negatives?
How Customers Find You
Google Places
Dealer Rater
My Dealer Report
Car Dealer Check
Car Folks
Yahoo! Autos
What Makes Reputations Good?
• Use of personal names
• Expression of customer’s positive
• Multiple entries
• Consistent and current entries
• Consistency over multiple sites
What Makes Reputations Poor?
• Negative entries
• Few or no entries
• Negative across multiple sites
Case Study – Kelly Automotive
Vision AND belief
Kelly Automotive cont.
Kelly Automotive cont.
Kelly Automotive cont.
Kelly Automotive cont.
Kelly Automotive cont.
Kelly Automotive cont.
Hidden Advantages
• Not all your competitors are managing
their online reputation
• Negative reviews are hidden gold
• Advertising specific to YOU!
Starting A Reputation Strategy
Start small
Choose a site to monitor you like
Complete all the dealer info
Use every service available
Respond to EVERY review
Encourage customers to review you
Incentivize your team and build a
Buy-In And Commitment
• Must benefit the employee, not just the
• Upper management must instill value
and importance
• New employees should be introduced
to the dealer’s online reputation and
Thank You!
If you’d like to contact me or would like
to receive a copy of this presentation,
feel free to reach me anytime. I’m EST.
Mike Myers
Call or Text: 610.657.4171
[email protected]
“Friend” me on
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