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Snowy River
Emelie Coleman
Snowy River
The snowy river is a major river found in east victoria. It
originates from the slopes of Mount Kosciuszko, which is
Australians highest peak and drains the slopes of the
snowy mountains in new south wales before flowing into
the snowy river national park in victoria. The snowy river
has a beautiful scenery and has many marine life along
with a set of environmental conditions. The snowy river has
many more aspects to it than just the river itself. There are
many cliffs and rocks making rapids. There are also many
little waterfalls hidden in the forest part of the snowy river.
Snowy river
The flora and fauna throughout the snowy
river consists of native animals and plants.
This includes Platypus, kangaroos, many
birds, fish, lizards and deer. These animals
are easily found whilst rafting or canoeing
although the snowy river itself. It has many
plants such as, eucalyptus trees, seaweed,
red gum tree, karri trees and many more.
The mid section of the Snowy is mountainous
and includes the Snowy River Gorge. The
significant tributaries of the Snowy River include
Buchan, Yalmy, Murrindal, Suggan Buggan,
Deddick and Delegate. The source of the
snowy river is at Marlo and the mouth is at
Jindabyne, which Bass strait. The Brodribb River
flows into the Snowy River, near Marlo. The
major tributary for this river is Cabbage Tree
Creek and other smaller tributaries include
Googerah, Sardine and Martin's Creeks.
The snowy river
There are water streams and waterfalls that are
full of clear, clean water. Which makes the
snowy river assessable for swimming. Along the
river there are many cliffs over hanging the
water which creates shade and blokes off some
sun exposure. Where there are times when there
is full sun exposure and very little scenery. The
trees and bushland create a forest which many
animals live in and are hidden. There are many
kilometres of this which makes it hard ever know
the full details of what is throughout the snowy
The snowy River
There are many slopes along the snowy river
which catchers water. There are also many
hard rocks throughout the under current of
the snowy river and when the tide is low it
creates rapids. This is an amazing part of the
snowy river to look at and experience,
along with the sound of the fast water
hitting against the rocks.
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