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Key Troubleshooting areas for Transfer Applicants
Tech Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from Sept-March.
*Ensuring communication from Common App emails?
All emails you receive from technical support will be sent from [email protected] . Please be sure to
add this email address to your address book and/or safe list to prevent the messages from being blocked as
“SPAM”. This is particularly important for AOL users.
*For students that are unable to contact common app through the Common App Online
interface, the tech-support desk can also be reached by sending an email to
applicant_help[email protected]
Admission Deadlines
Late Applications will be reviewed on a space and funds available basis only.
Fall 2011
Please submit your application online. If you are experiencing
technical problems and cannot submit your application online, please call the admissions
office and we will try to assist you in any way. 714-997-6711 or 1-888-CU-APPLY.
When you are
ready to leave
the Chapman
Website and
apply with
Common App,
click on
SSR not required for Transfer Applicants
Official high school transcripts are required if the
student has less than 60 college units at the time
the application is submitted OR if the transfer
student has not yet taken any college level math
or college level language courses!
Official SAT and/or ACT scores only need to be
submitted for those transfers that have less than
24 college units completed at the time the
application is submitted (already has a grade on
the transcripts, not ‘in progress’)
Required fields are marked with a
gold bullet point and bold print text
International Students:
please enter your entire name as it appears
on your passport!
* Provide a valid email address! *
Once Registration is complete you are now ready to apply!
You MUST fill out
the “My Colleges”
section in order to
start the
We recommend reading the instructions
before filling out the application.
When you are ready to start your
application, click on “Future
Plans” to begin
If “Yes” you
will be asked to
upload the
Click link to
look up
Please fill in as much information as
possible on the Family section!
•If parent does not work, you must
choose “unemployed” option (use lookup link to choose this)
•If parent did not go to college and/or
graduate school, you must mark “not
found” for school and “none” for
degree received.
Please fill in all information that applies!
To look up your
college’s CEEB code, hit
the “look-up” link. Tip:
Enter the state and city,
and then look through
the list that will appear
below to find your
college. Then, if it is not
listed, please choose
“not found” and
manually enter the
name of your college
along with the
information requested.
College you are
currently attending or
last attended.
use the
Note: Simply
list any name of
any counselor
that is listed
under the
Office at your
current college.
If applying from
an Int’l college
please list any
principal, head
of program,
This section is to be
completed with all of your
High School information.
Click to ‘Add another
school” if applicable
(See previous slide for tips
on finding CEEB codes)
Continue to add each one
of your colleges until all
of them have been
entered into the form
If you have official college transcripts that total
fewer than 24 credits, Chapman requires either the
ACT or the SAT
(you may send both if desired).
Test scores MUST be sent directly to Chapman
by College Board, ACT, or your High School Official
for them to be considered official.
NOTE: If you have completed
(reflected on transcript the moment
you submit your application) fewer
than 60 transferable units, Chapman
requires official final High School
transcripts as well.
International students who are non-native English
speakers must demonstrate proof of
English proficiency:
TOEFL/IELTS scores can be sent
obtaining a C or higher in an English Composition
course at the college level and have the official
transcript sent to Chapman along with a note.
Please label your word document
“Additional Information”
You may either upload a separate
word document, OR write a
response in this box.
You cannot do both.
You may print your
application for your
records, but please
DO NOT mail us your
printed application.
When you submit your
app electronically, we
will notify you via mail
that we have received
and processed it.
Do not
send a paper
your full
for date
You’re almost done!!!
Note: We require a letter of recommendation OR the
Instructor’s Evaluation- we do not require both.
NOTE: A Mid-Term Report may be requested
at a later date by the Admission Committee.
Click Start to begin the Chapman
Supplemental Application
Applicant Information
You will need to
provide your
SS# if you will
be applying for
financial aid
Note: Required fields are
marked with a gold bullet point
and bold print text
International Students: Upload
Financial Certification Here!
for transfer students
The Application will be
processed using the first
major listed – however,
if interested please
indicate a 2nd option
Students must click here
to download the
department application if
indicated by *
next to the major
Once you fill out the
PDF, you
your department
application PDF to your
computer, before
uploading it here
Film Applicants: upload your
departmental essays here
(Departmental Application Only- No essays!)
(Upload departmental essay/resume here)
(please save all essays/resume as one word document: “Glue them together.”
You will only be able to upload one document per “Upload Document” button!)
Now click on
View Document
to check that
your PDF
came through to
your satisfaction
If not…
then click on
Document and
try again
If you choose to respond,
please save your document to your
computer, then upload here.
Please label your word document
“Education Information”
for our convenience.
Note : This is a character count,
and NOT a word count.
You will only be able to type up to
1000 characters.
check for
errors &
save your
when you are ready to submit,
click on “Submit”
When you hit “Submit”
and have not completed
the entire supplemental
application, you will get
an Error Page with a list
of your errors
The specific errors
will be highlighted
in yellow on the
application for a
quicker find.
Make sure to
correct each error
before saving and
submitting again.
When your Chapman Supplemental Application has been submitted successfully,
you will see the Supplement line change from
“Not Submitted” to “Click here to view your supplement submitted on (date…)”
If you’d like to view your supplemental, click here.
Note: You cannot change any information on the
supplemental after submission.
Please see box below- green wording and the
words complete w/ the date means successful
completion of your application.
Next, you must go to the PAYMENT portion of the
Common Application.
Application Fee: $60
•Pay online by credit card or e-check.
•Do not send cash. We cannot process cash.
•If you send us a check, please pay full $60 amount.
You may choose to request an application fee
waiver instead
Once you have paid online you should receive a
confirmation email from Common App.
**Cannot pay application fee
until your application has been submitted
When payment goes through,
you should see this:
•Please hold on to that email in case there are any
questions regarding your payment.
How do I know you received my application?
-A confirmation letter and a list of any missing documents will be mailed once your application has
been processed.
-Note: due high volume of applications it can take awhile before you receive this letter.
How do I know I submitted the application by the deadline?
-If your application, supplement & payment list “submitted” on the Common App website you made
it! Do not send in a hard copy of your application as it will slow down our processing.
How do I receive my username and password?
-If you have not received this info. 4-6 weeks after submitting your application please
contact the Admission Office so we can provide assistance.
Web Advisor still says my documents are missing but I already submitted them
-Normal processing time can take up to 4-6 weeks. If after that time items are still missing please call
the Admission Office before re-sending materials.
-Remember when mailing items please list your full name and any additional identifying information .
How can I track my admission status changes through Web Advisor?
-Status reads “Application complete/pending evaluation”= All required documents are in and review
of your file is taking place to establish your gpa and transferability of credits.
-Status reads “Pending Decision”= Your application is with the committee and is being reviewed for
an admission decision (this can take up to 6-8 weeks).
-Status reads “Decision Complete”= A final decision has been made on your file. Please note we will
only mail out admission decisions. Decisions will not be released via phone, web or through email.
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