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-An officer who uses more force than policy allows
-The excessive and lawless use of police force
The problem of police abuse is an ongoing reality.
Minorities have been the targets of most cases.
One of the most famous cases over police brutality was the
Rodney King case in Los Angeles, California ...
-March 3, 1991 around 12:45 AM
-25 year old Rodney King pulled over for speeding
-The events were filmed by nearby resident George Holliday
-15 officers watched as 4 officers beat King with batons and
kicked and stomped him with their boots
-Handcuffed and then shocked with a stun gun multiple times
-Messages typed from Officer Powell to HQ, "....ooops." and
"I haven't beaten anyone this bad in a long time.”
-9 skull fractures, shattered eye socket and cheekbone, broken
leg, concussion, and nerve damage partially paralyzing the face
-Rodney King had been drinking forty-ounce bottles that night
-King’s 1988 Hyundai exceeded speeds of 117 mph
-He ignored the police and sped through red lights in the chase
-King got out of the car and waved to police helicopters and shook
his buttocks at a female officer
-King was also an ex-con who had been arrested for assault
-His actions and spaced-out look led officers to believe he was on
PCP which lessens the capabilities of feeling pain and makes the
user almost superhuman in strength
-Most police brutality happens during riots and protests
-Police feeling threatened are bound to use force, perhaps excessive
Riot Police use weapons such as:
Riot Police Objectives:
-Tear Gas
-Concussion Grenades
-Rubber Bullets
-Vehicles Horse Charges
-Break the spirit of the crowd by
intimidating them
-Provoke violence so their
actions are justified
-Surround the crowd to isolate
the riot
-Gather evidence for later
Police should ONLY use firearms in self defense or to defend others
-Connecticut, 14 year-old Aquan Salmon fatally shot in the back
during a foot chase
-California (LA), Antoine Reid, a homeless “squeegee man” was
shot by an off-duty police officer for washing the car and not
moving on
-California, 19 year-old Tyisha Miller was unconscious in her car
with a gun in her lap when officers fired 23 shots and killed her
-Illinois (CHI), Robert Russ refused to get out of his car so an officer
smashed his window, reached into the car, and shot Russ
-Police brutality has been occurring more and more often over
the years
-The public is becoming more aware of the problem
-Police brutality is an infringement on a person’s natural born
-Citizens worry about protecting themselves from criminals, but
must keep an eye out for the ones supposed to protect and serve
By Adam Cerniglia
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