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Tonya Webber
How do these maps represent different ways of
learning about the world?
How do they help understand the world?
It is amazing to me how each country
in the world is so different but yet
many of us look at views about the
world the same way.
In this picture you can see young
children from different cultures
holding onto the world from an evil
force. They are working together to
stop something bad from happening.
What I like about his is even though
the kids are all different they are
working together.
“ All we need is love,” is what the
Beatles said…right? Well in this
picture that shows. There are
children from different places
drawn in the heart. Inside that
heart is our combined passion,
our world. We must love what we
have regardless of how we live or
who we are!
What a beautiful picture! This picture to
me represents just how beautiful the
world is. The mountains, the ocean, the
trees, the animals. All of these things
work together to create our planet. I
think this picture represents how we
much cherish the place we live and the
animals we share it with.
I think looking at this picture the
boy who drew it is showing us
that WE are the world. If we don’t
take care of it, it will not be here.
WE are the ones who are
responsible for how clean it is and
the problems than happen. Each
person must do their job to pitch
in and help. We only have this
world and we need to take care of
These children are trying to piece
together a ripped up page. They
are using some kid of glue to put
the pieces together. This shows
hard work of rebuilding
relationships a cross the world
within different cultures.
This picture from Japan is asking for
peace back. This child wants the war
to end and people to love each other. I
like the way he used different
countries flags for the border. That
shows to me that everyone should
unite and learn to love one another. I
think the color countries are the ones
that have the flags on the border.
What a beautifully drawn
picture! People from different
countries holding up a balloon
with their country on it. What is
common about all of these
balloons is the saying, “
Different cultures, one world.”
What a beautiful saying! We are
all different cultures but we only
have one world we must share.
Take a look at the people, they
are holding hands. They think it
is important to join together to
celebrate our one world and take
care of it!
Six children all holding up one
thing that they all have in
common; our world! I think the
clear water, sunny sky, green
grass and blooming flowers
represent the happiness of this
picture. I feel putting the war and
all the hatred behind us we could
take a look at this wonder that
this world has to offer!
What a unique picture! This
puzzle is put together now, but
if we take it apart it wouldn’t
be the same. Four different
countries are represented here
that all want a piece of the
cake! I think the puzzle is
symbolic to the nature of we
are one! We all hold a slice to
that cake and a piece to the
puzzle. We have to work
together to keep the puzzle
intact otherwise it would just
fall apart.
“One Earth, one chance,” is the
theme to this picture. We do
have one Earth and we do have
one chance. What is going to be
your stamp on your chance of
this world is what I feel this
picture represents.
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