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•Adsense Niches
•Keyword Research
•Content Structure
•Authority vs. Niche Sites
What Are Good Adsense Niches?
•Adsense Clickers are Primarily Information
Seekers—Not Ready to Buy
•Can’t Go Wrong with Evergreen Niches: Health,
Wealth, Relationships
•Travel Also Very Good
What About Physical Products?
•Can usually be monetized more effectively with
Amazon or other affiliate programs.
•Remember that if they click on an Amazon link,
they may buy something completely different!
•Test it out!
Keyword Research
Three Important Tools:
•Contextual Targeting Tool
•Adwords Keyword Tool
•Traffic Travis
Contextual Targeting Tool
•Need Adwords Account—Do Not Have to Use for
PPC Campaigns
•Helpful for Niche Research Too—Open Up Tabs
•Want Minimum CPC of $1.00
Adwords Keyword Tool
•Make sure that there are lots of available ads
•Ignore the CPC shown by this tool; not accurate
for Adsense
•How much search volume is good? Depends on
CPC as shown by Contexual Targeting Tool
Traffic Travis
•Free tool
•Useful to see if ranking pages are well optimized
•Take results with a grain of salt
Traffic Travis
•To use for analysis, choose “SEO Analysis”
module, input your keyword, search location and
“Analyze Top 10”
•Important to check: PR, Age, Title, Description,
H1 Tag
If it ain’t optimized. . .it’s easier to rank
•Ignore “shopping sites” in your results; generally
not optimized well
•Much easier to rank for keyword if you have
EMD, keyword in url, keyword in title
•Top three results most important to analyze
competition for
Earnings Goals
Let’s say our goal is to make $100 per month with
our Adsense site—how do we get there?
Let me show you the pieces of the puzzle!
Introducing: Scary Adsense
•We can use a mathematical formula to
determine how many visitors and clicks we need
to generate a certain income
The Criteria
•Let’s assume that our site gets a CTR of 5% for
easy calculation
•Also, we said previously that we want our
keywords to have a value of at least $1.00 as per
the CTT
How Many Clicks Do We Need
to Generate $100?
•Google pays 68% of the value of a click for Adsense, so our
$1.00 cpc is actually worth 0.68 to us
•We want $100, so let’s divide that by 0.68 to see how many
clicks we need to get that amount
•Therefore, we need 100/.68=147 clicks per month to
generate $100 per month
How Many Visitors Do We Need
to Generate $100?
•Now we need to know how many visitors we
need to generate 147 clicks
•Formula=# visitors *.05ctr=147 clicks
•Answer=2940 visitors/30 days in month=98 daily
•(Calculation: 147/.05=2940)
How Much Search Volume Do
We Need to Generate $100?
•This formula is based on the fact that the 1st
three positions in Google generate 62.4% of all
•This is why you must rank in top 3 to
make good money with Adsense
How Much Search Volume Do
We Need to Generate $100?
Percentage is based on 100, right?
We know that 20.86% of visitors will click through if
we are in the top 3 slots. So 20.86 X 4.79=100% of
needed search volume
Next multiply the # of visitors X 4.79=Total search
volume of 14082 needed to generate $100.00
All This in a Single Keyword????
Don’t Sweat It!
Create groups of related keywords to reach your
goal of $1.00 CPC minimum and manageable
How Can I Find These
•First place to start is Contextual Targeting Tool
•All keywords in the group have the same CPC
Site Structure
•Sites should be constructed in a hierarchy (silo)
•Primary keywords should also be the names of
categories for your sites
•Secondary keywords link to posts with primary
keywords—Use LSI keywords, or keywords you
find out that you’re ranking for accidentally
Content Creation
•Now that our keyword research & URL mapping
is complete, it’s time to create our content
•One thing you should do is
create a G+ profile & use author
markup—Don’t skip this!
Content Creation
•Length of post: 750+ Words for a keyword you want
to rank for, but vary it
•Use your main keyword in the post title
•Use LSI keywords in your content and in subheadings
•Link to another post and to an authority site
Content Creation
•Keyword density 1-2%--Write for humans, not for
•Include an image with variation of keyword in alt
text. Don’t skip this!
•Include related YouTube video. Reduces bounce
Bonus: Sneaky Tip to Beef Up
Your Content
Get Your YouTube video transcribed at and include the transcription
below the video
Cost .99 per minute of video
You can add captions for an additional fee
Content Creation
•Include some bullet points in your content
•Set homepage to show more than one post
•Utilize content curation—Create content faster &
easier, plus Google loves it
Content Curation
•Faster, easier way to create content—Use other
people’s content to build new content around
•Includes the outbound links to authority sites
that Google loves
•Start a list of keywords for content curation in
Google Alerts
What About Bolding, Italicizing
and All That Stuff?
•I have stopped doing this—over-optimization.
***But I do get my keyword in the title, and 1st & last
•Write naturally, include those LSI keywords as headlines
•Use white space, make your stuff easy to read—keeps
readers on the site longer
Mandatory Pages
•You must include a privacy policy page (TOS)
•Contact page
•If you have affiliate links other than Adsense,
create a disclaimer page too.
Sticky Posts
•Make your posts containing your primary keyword
•This will give them a homepage link and help
them to rank more easily
No specific themes, but stay away from “Made for
Frameworks are nice because they generally load
faster than regular themes with plugins
Adsense Plugins
•Be a little wary of free Adsense Plugins. Some
reports around that creators like to stick in their
code instead of yours!
•I like “Easy Adsense Pro” which is a very cheap
$4.95. Good for unlimited sites
Other Plugins
Try not to use too many plugins as they can slow your
site down. Page load speed is a ranking factor!
•All-in-One SEO (Check canonical URLs)
•Google XML Sitemaps
•Privacy Policy Generator
•Contact Form 7
• (Compresses images—speeds up site)
•WP Firewall
•Google brought in an “Above the Fold” penalty
for too many ads earlier this year.
•This doesn’t mean you can’t have any ads above
the fold. It means there should be more content
than ads above the fold.
•Google lies a lot! Don’t trust them!
What Are the Best Ad Sizes & Types?
•Google tells us that mixed (text & image) ads
produce higher earnings.
•Don’t take this at face value! You must test this!
•You should be setting up channels so you can see
what ad sizes & types produce the highest returns
What Are the Best Ad Sizes & Types?
•I like these sizes, but feel free to experiment:
•160X600 Skyscraper in upper left hand sidebar
•336X280 Large rectangle (wrap content)
•728X90 Leaderboard
•Try text link ads too
Authority Sites vs. Niche Sites
•What’s better? Authority or niche site?
•Both have good & bad points!
Authority Sites
•Authority Sites—More income potential per site,
but more to lose too
•You are not necessarily safer from the wrath of
Google with an authority site. Again, don’t put all
of your eggs in one basket!
Niche Sites
•Niche sites with EMD still ranking well, despite
what you may have heard
•Can fly under the radar as total earning potential
not as great. Just don’t get too many sites in the
same account!
Solution: Do Both!
•Create an authority site or two, but don’t count
on this as your sole means of income—too risky!
•A few smaller niche sites never hurt—Good way
to test out new niches.
•Medium sized sites 15-25 pages a good bet
Back Linking
The 3 V’s Rule for Back Links:
Link Velocity
•Speed at which links can be built to your site
•Varies with age of site
•Consistency the key to link building
Link Volume
•How many links do you need to rank?
•Depends on competition for keywords
•Again, consistency is key. In general, aged
domains can take on a greater volume of links
Link Variety
•More important than ever!
•Make sure to vary your anchor text! Use bare URL,
“Click here”; “Read more”, etc.
•Tip: Check out the Adwords Tool for your url for
anchor text ideas
Link Variety
•More important than ever!
•Make sure to vary your anchor text! Use bare URL,
“Click here”; “Read more”, etc.
•Tip: Check out the Adwords Tool for your url for
anchor text ideas
Link Sources
High PR article directories
Slide sharing/software sharing sites
Private blog networks
Guest posting
Web 2.0s (Squidoo, WetPaint, Blogger, etc.)
Link Sources (Continued)
7. Social Links—More important than ever (G+--use
author mark-up; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)
***Note***Keep a good eye on your CTR if you are
getting a lot of social traffic. Tends to not convert
as well; could lead to Smart Pricing
8. Infographics—Can be ordered from Fiverr
•Make free infographics at:
•Submit infographics at:
List Building
•Best way to drive traffic on demand
•You don’t have to sell in your emails—you can just
notify them of new posts to read (and maybe click on
an ad or two)
•Can occasionally send special offers to your list
List Building
•To build your list, try these methods and link to
your squeeze page
•Forum posting
•Ezine advertising (not!)
•Guest posting
•Solo Ads
•Ad Swaps
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