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Artem Dolzhenko
Companies with the developed trademark have
significant advantages over other economic enterprises on
the market.
Using a well-known trademark (brand) provides a
number of competitive advantages:
• A company can charge higher prices compared to its
• Simplicity of implementing a brand expansion strategy due
to high trust of consumers.
• Strengthening corporate image.
• Simplification of launching new products on the market.
• The purpose of the diploma research is to study the
Synteth company and a strategy of its brand promotion.
• According to the purpose the task to create and improve
new ways of company brand promotion has been set in
the diploma project.
The theoretical part of the study deals with:
• The concept of brand and its promotion.
• Different brand management approaches and ways
of their advancement.
• Problems which arise in promoting brands.
In the diploma work there have been analyzed:
• company characteristics;
• brands of the enterprise and approaches to
managing them;
• problems related to the promotion of brands of
Synteth Ltd.
The Synteth company is a representative of the mediumsized businesses in Ukraine. It has been supplying high-quality
health products for gynecology throughout all regions of
Ukraine for more than 10 years. Synteth has proved itself to be
a reliable supplier.
The company employs more than 50 people.
There are more than 300 kinds of different products in the
price list of the company.
Sinteth is the owner of five trademarks: «Clever girl®»,
«Yunona-Bio-T ®», «Yunona®», «Babycheck®» and
• unique products on the market
• low cost products
• a team of professionals, corporate
culture of the company
• fast processing of orders
• lack of personnel with medical
• a small amount of current
• a poorly designed website of
the company
• good market potential of the
Ukrainian market
• a bad economic situation which
can filter out weaker competitors
• a high birth rate
• unstable exchange rates
• the difficulty to compete with
large companies
• a bad political situation
• competitors that have superior
access to channels of
Sinteth is the owner of five trademarks which give it serious
• Enhancing Product Recognition.
• Helping to Build Brand Loyalty.
• Building Brand Equity.
• Successful brand-building helps
profitability by “adding
values” that customers are prepared to pay for.
• Strong brands inspire customer loyalty leading to repeat sales
and word-of-mouth recommendation.
• Obsolete
design of packaging which does not attract
potential customers.
• Enterprise trademarks which occupy not more than 10
percent of the Ukrainian pharmacy market.
• Caring
for short-term profits rather than long-term
• Clear
division of responsibilities between a sales
manager and a brand manager.
• Lack of experienced brand management on the market.
• Develop a new packaging design.
• Develop an information concept and convey it to the
• Determine and comply with the company branding strategy.
• Share
the responsibility of a brand manager and a sales
• Enhance brand product recognition.
• Cooperate with the consulting agency.
• Management of the company should be engaged in strategic
business development rather than routine work.
• The company should support and strengthen its reputation as
a reliable product provider of the highest quality.
• The company has to develop progressive organizational and
technical methods to improve the efficiency of its products
and service delivery.
• Bad political situation and military operations in the east of Ukraine
have negative influence on organization and all Ukraine in general.
• Due
to the exchange rate of the dollar, the company has to raise
prices for products. It can reduce the number of existing customers.
• There are positive aspects for the business. We can see increasing the
birth rate over the last 5 years which is directly related to the number
of company clients.
• European
business observers predict future expansion of business
and investment in the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market because it is
not even 40% filled compared with the capacity of markets in
Western Europe.
• Therefore,
if the company follows further development of its
capacity and enlarges supply of goods, it is expected to get prosperity
and evolution in a new form in a few years when the crisis time is
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