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Due to the separation of Australia from the rest of the world, Australia
has evolved differently from other countries which has resulted in
inhabiting unique flora and fauna.
Mount. Hotham in the Victorian Alps, is home to many unique animal
species such as the Pigmy Possum and the Bogon Moth. These
species are only found in this area and have adapted to the cool
climates that occur at Mt. Hotham . The Pigmy possum was once
thought to be extinct, until one was sited in 1966 at Mount Hotham.
The Pigmy Possum is also the only mammal known to be restricted
to the alpine areas due to biological reasons.
Mount Hotham is also home to many flora species that have also
adapted to the snowy, winter climates. They include the snow gum,
mountain daisy, dwarf sedge and the fairy blue bell.
The climate and temperatures in Mount Hotham can vary even
though the area is prone to snowy conditions. During the spring
and summer months of the year, it doesn’t snow, and instead the
climate is dry and sunny. The average temperature during the day
ranges from 10-21 degrees.
Due to the high altitudes that Mt. Hotham is found in, temperatures
don’t usually rise as high as those on the grassy flats of Victoria.
And the high altitude also means this area is subject to snow fall.
Mount Hotham was created due to a build up of deposits and
sediments over 400 to 860 million years ago, while the whole of
the eastern side of Australia was still under water. The Alps
began to raise due to the tectonic process that occurred and
which caused Australia to separate.
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