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From the Legislative Assembly
to the Convention
Patricia L. Pecoy
 The
Legislative Assembly
 The Nation in Danger
 The Attack on the Tuileries
 The Fall of the Monarchy
The Legislative Assembly:
 Work
begins on Oct. 1, 1791
 They are in the midst of an economic and financial
– Bread is scarce
– The clergy is in revolt
– Royalist plots are frequent
 The
first concern is the threat of war with Austria,
the German Princes and Frederick II of Prussia
 On April 20,1792, France declares war against
The Nation in Danger
 The
beginning of the war is a disaster for
the French
 The Parisians accuse the king of betrayal
and talk about a plot (the Queen is Austrian)
 Louis XVI uses and abuses his right of veto
 It is thought that the king wants to recover
his former prerogatives due to a victory
over the enemy
The Nation in danger
 On
July 11, the Assembly proclaims “the
nation in danger”
 Patriots enlist in the army
 The people want to save the Revolution
 At the same time, National Guardsmen
arrive in Paris from all over France to
celebrate the 14th of July
The Nation in Danger
The Nation in Danger
 The
army from Marseille marches to the
rhythm of a new song (The Song of the
Rhine), composed by a young captain,
Roget de Lisle
 The text exalts the patriotic fervor of the
 The song will become the French national
anthem, the Marseillaise
La Marseillaise
The Nation in Danger
 On
July 25, the Duke of Brunswick sends a
manifest to the Parisians
 He threatens to completely destroy the
capital if the royal family is insulted again
 The capital is on the brink of insurrection
The Attack on the Tuileries
The Commune
 The
Revolutionaries want to force the deputies of
the Legislative Assembly to declare the king
relieved of his duties
 They chase out the Municipal Council and create
an insurrectional commune
 Henceforth, the members of the insurrectional
commune are the masters of all Paris
The Attack on the Tuileries
 At
dawn, the sans-culottes march towards the
 For protection, the king takes refuge in the
 The insurgents force their way into the Assembly
and demand the downfall of the king
 Faced with these threats, the deputies capitulate to
their demands
The Attack on the Tuileries
The Attack on the Tuileries
 The
king is supended from his functions,
then arrested
 On Aug. 13, the royal family is imprisoned
in the Prison of the Temple
The Temple Prison
Life in the Temple
New Political Forces
 On
Aug. 11, the government is turned over to a
provisional counsel of six ministers
 Danton, who was behind the insurrection,
becomes the head of this counsel
 Henceforth, there are three political forces pitted
against each other:
– The Assembly, which has lost all authority
– The provisional counsel, headed by Danton
– The insurrectional commune headed by Robespierre
The Revolutionaries:
Danton et Robespierre
The New Political Forces
 After
the arrest of the king, the deputies are given
the charge of preparing new elections for a new
 It is necessary to write a new constitution, since
the constitutional monarchy no longer exists
 The elections take place in September 1792
 This marks the victory of the people and the death
of the constitutional monarchy
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