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Advantages and Disadvantages
of the British and Americans
British Advantages
• Strongest Navy
• Strongest Army
• Wealth of world wide empire
American Disadvantages
Volunteer Army-Hard to raise army
No Navy
Low amount of weapons/ammunition
Not all Americans supported the fight
Loyalists, Patriots, Neutralists O My
• Loyalists
– Still loyal to Britain. If the British win the war they
will not be oppressed like Patriots who are
fighting. Some are even employed by the British.
Did not believe in the cause to fight.
• Patriots
– Fighting against unfair representation. If they lost,
they would be hung as traitors.
• Neutralists
– Did not want to fight. Told each side that they
belonged to that side.
American Advantages
• Fighting on own land
• George Washington
• The will to win the war
British Disadvantages
• Fighting style
• Mercenary Army
• Having to ship soldiers and supplies from
British Plan For Victory
Gen. Burgoyne
Gen. Leger
Gen. Howe
• After looking at the Advantages and
Disadvantages of each side, write a five to
seven sentence paragraph essay answering
the following: If you were living in the year
1776 and had to choose which side to
support, British or Americans, who would you
support and why.
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