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In a moment you will enter
a magical world...
In a little while...
…in a little while you will
witness something very special.
You will witness...
An amazing illusion...
…the illusion of
David Copperfield.
Although this is an ordinary
program, you will see that...
I can, via your computer, tell you
what you have been thinking.
In front of you are 6 different cards.
Think of one.
Just think.
Don’t ”click” on it.
I will find the card in your thoughts.
Think now.
Press the Spacebar.
Now look into my eyes.
Think of your card
the whole time......
I don’t know you,
and I couldn’t see what
you chose…
….but I will show you
the card you thought of...
I took your
I have shown
you which card
you chose!
See You!
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