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Action Plan
Ms.Sughra Asghar
The City School
Darakhshan Campus
Mathematics, Grade 3
Long-Term Goal
• Utilizing 21st century teaching and learning process to
enhance students mental Mathematical skills so that they feel
confident while dealing with Mathematical problems and are
empowered to utilize latest productivity tools for better
Short-Term Goals
• Encourage students to perform researches on different mental
math's techniques.
• Focus on integrating Information Technology with the
traditional style of Mathematics teaching to promote high
order thinking.
• Help students individually to see how effectively they are able
to apply the concepts taught to them.
Instructional Strategies
and Tasks
• I will provide all possible
tools and resources that will
help students to perform
• Students will be asked
questions that requires them
to explain how they develop
and come up with different
• I will asked them to work in
collaboration so that mixed
ability group will formed.
• At the end of the term
students having
outstanding consistent
performance will be
awarded certificates.
Solutions to Anticipated
• While teaching in the class
solving all the Mathematical
problems using new knowledge
can be challenging.
• Parents may not understand my
• Parents should be given
different Mental Math's
websites links to come up to
the 21st century teaching
methods standards.
• I will use my own website to
enhance the advanced teaching
methods and create an online
discussion forum to inform
parents of a new methods.
Demonstration may be given to
the interested parents.
I will ask them to
work in collaboration
so that a mixed ability
group will formed.
Aug - Sep
Oct - Nov
I will provide all
possible tools and
resources that will
help students to
perform researches.
Dec - Jan
Students should feel
free to use internet
in the limited given
time period to
enhance there mental
learning skills .
Feb - Mar
I will successfully
adopt 21st century
approaches that will
be benefited in my
class room teaching
• Resource books and knowledge of good search engines to
access related websites.
• Word processing and spread sheet applications.
• Different computerize worksheets will be provided to
students .
• By adopting the 21st century teaching approaches, my students will be
benefited to the maximum by opting for a subject like Math's. Today's
students can differentiate well between knowing what and knowing
how. The changing learning behavior and needs, thus requires a teaching
methodology that improves students thinking.
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