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Do you want to know who I am?
Well, my name is Jawhara and I am 13
years old, the same as your age. March is
my favorite month because I was born in
it. I was born on
I am always the Smartest & funniest girl in
my class. I have lots of friends. My favorite
subjects are English and Maths. This year,
I was not lucky, I came the second in my
class I wanted to be the first as usual. I
have to work hard for next year. I am loved
by all of my teachers because I participate in
most class & school activities and helpful to
Blue, red and yellow are fantastic
colors. These are my favorites. I
love to use lots of electronic,
such us laptop , Wii and the PSP.
I like cooking delicious cakes
specially chocolate cakes ….. Yum
…. Do you hear your stomach
goggling …
My favorite sports are football ,
volleyball and swimming…Who do not
love swimming…. Furthermore I like
reading and watching Investigation
and crime stories and movies. Also I
love listening to pop and rock music.
My favorite pop stars are Selena
Gomez and Demi Lavato.
Teacher: Maria please point to America on the map.
Maria: this is it.
Teacher: well done. Now class, who found America ?
Class: Maria did.
Teacher: Joe, why your dog report is the same as your
Brothers report? Did you copy it from him.
Joe: no but we have the same dog.
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