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Ex1. Due Apr 26 via email
to [email protected]
subject: Ex1 and last names
1. Given a high dimensional data, is there a
way to know if all possible projections of
the data are Gaussian? Explain
- What if there is some additive Gaussian
Ex1. (cont.)
2. Use Fast ICA (easily found in google)
– Choose your favorite two songs
– Create 3 mixture matrices and mix them
– Apply fastica to de-mix
3. Bonus: Can you do ICA from a single
microphone with two mixed signals?
Ex1 (cont.)
• Discuss the results
– What happens when the mixing matrix is
– Why did u get different results with different
mixing matrices
– Demonstrate that you got close to the original
– Try different nonlinearity of fastica, which one
is best, can you see that from the data
Ex1 (cont.) Submission
– Your write-up should support your arguments
with math and figures (in addition to text).
– Grade will be based on the amount of support
and clarity you provide for your arguments.
– A single word of PDF to be attached to the
mail with the name as appears in the subject
of the email.
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