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Make the Most
of LinkedIn
New Tips for 2014
Presented by Jason A. Hicks
LinkedIn: What Is It, Anyway?
• It’s an online community used to network with
fellow professionals.
• It’s primarily geared toward job
seekers/recruiters and those looking for online
discussions among colleagues.
How Do I Make the Most of It?
• Develop a full, robust profile
• Create a valuable network
• Engage with the right groups
Develop a Profile
• More than a resume—it’s an online persona
• Fill out your profile completely—include a photo
• Think very carefully about what you put in your
headline—it appears everywhere
• Reorder your profile so the most important
details show first
Develop a Profile
• Consider omitting jobs that don’t serve your
current career goals
• Take your recommendations and endorsements
• Think like a search engine—use terms that
people might be searching for
• Set up a unique URL and go public
Develop a Profile
• You can also add association memberships,
honors and awards, certifications, and more
• Make sure to manage your settings, especially
broadcasts and privacy controls
• Update your profile regularly to make sure it’s
still meeting your needs
• Keep it simple—most new tools don’t provide
lasting value or aren’t worth it
Create a Valuable Network
• The number of connections is not as important
as the value of those connections
• Adding connections is not like trading business
cards—it publicly connects you
• Start with current and former colleagues, and
develop those relationships
Create a Valuable Network
• Networking through LinkedIn is helpful, but it
does not replace in-person networking
• Everyone has their own approach to LinkedIn,
and some people are more professional there
than others
• If you aren’t networking, you’re missing the point
of LinkedIn
Engage With the Right Groups
• Associations and industry groups are great
places to start
• Alumni groups, especially if they’re specific to
your field, can help you meet like-minded people
• Check out companies and other organizations
you might be interested in
Engage With the Right Groups
• When looking for official group pages, look for
ones with plenty of members
• Moderated groups where members are
screened have more relevant conversation
Join ACHE’s Official Group
• More than 13,500 healthcare management
professionals are group members
• Only ACHE members are allowed, making it a
member benefit and guaranteeing quality
interaction and contacts
• Discussions include the sharing of meaningful
industry articles, solutions to current challenges
and career advice
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