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Ex2. Due May 24 via email
to [email protected]
subject: Ex2 and last names
1. Program Kurosis 1 and BCM as a
network in the format of fastica function
(Submit Matlab Code Graded on
documentation and functionality, present
the algorithm in the help file)
Ex2. (cont.)
2. Run the new programs on audio data
you used before and other types of data
that you think can demonstrate the
power of each of the methods. Compare
between kurtosis 1, BCM and ICA
(Submission, a doc file with supporting
arguments and figures)
Ex2 (cont.) Submission
– Your write-up should support your arguments
with math and figures (in addition to text).
– Grade will be based on the amount of support
and clarity you provide for your arguments.
– A single word or PDF and lastnames.m file
should be attached to the mail with the name
as appears in the subject of the email.
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