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The place where I would like to live.
This is a beautiful place for
rest, amusements, peaceful
and relaxed life. It’s warm
and sunny all year round.
I would chose the house near the sea to
spend most of the time outdoors.
What a lovely place for doing sports:
swimming, windsurfing, fishing.
The Language: the official language of
Jamaica is English, but local inhabitants
speak their native language called «patua».
I would learn it to understand mentality of
native people, who are said to be very cheeful
and hospitable.
Currency: Official currency of Jamaica
is a jamaican dollar(bucks).
Time: time difference with Moscow is
9 hours in summer and 8 hours in
Have a look at the dawn over the
ocean. What a magnificent
view!Listen to sounds of reggae
performed by Jamaican singer Bob
Marley and you will sure fall in
love with this place.
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