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This model shows the ocean with salinity around. The
researchers analyst each location with percent of salinity. They
believe that salinity of ocean changes from 10,000 years ago by
evaporation and precipitation.
This model is called Box model. It is about Natural systems
model. It show how did plants have cycle from land to air. How did
the land, air and human make the cycle of the plant
This model shows the earth cycle how it works with ocean, land, sun
With ozone. How did it show the cycle of earth system is running. Also it shows
How did it concern global warming by that cycle.
This model shows how did salinity moves from the huge
ocean; Indian, Pacific and Atlantic ocean. This model shows
ocean currents carry warm surface waters from the equator to
the poles and global climate. This global circuit takes around
1,000 years to finish.
This model shows the Surface wind measure above 10 meters
of the earth. They want to compare how much wind did have
with or without clouds
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