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Big Mac – you can’t resist it!
Белый Квадрат 2010
Media Project Competition
M3 Special events, sponsorship, actions / Специальные события,
спонсорство, акции
Optimum Media OMD
Big Mac
Campaign dates (from – to):
4 May – 4 July, 2009
Media team:
Elena Artemova, Media Group Head, Optimum Media OMD
Irina Rudinskaya, Senior Media Manager, Optimum Media OMD
Marina Guseva, Media Assistant, Optimum Media OMD
Marina Lokteva, Strategic Manager, Optimum Media OMD
Aleksandr Belyakov, Account Director, DDB
Irina Zhabura, Senior Account Manager, DDB
George Strakhov, Client Service Director, Tribal DDB
Pavel Zamorev, Account Manager, Tribal DDB
Marketing challenge & brand insight
McDonald’s needed to revive interest in the Big Mac.
Young Russians consider Big Mac as McDonald’s classic burger, but
the relationship was very rational:
 tastes good, satisfies hunger.
As with any 20-year relationship, we needed to inject something
fresh, and help consumers find a new way of seeing their
Consumer insight & communication strategy
A universal element to almost any happy
relationship is having fun.
Following that logic, we needed consumers to
have some fun with the Big Mac.
 But what’s fun is different from person to
person – we had to avoid the risk of creating
great fun for some people that would be a
complete bore to others.
“Fun” had to become the platform, with
BigMac powering it, but never overpowering.
Consumer insight & communication strategy
We invited consumers to create their own unique music video,
using the list of BigMac ingredients as the lyrics.
The invitation was delivered both conventionally and with humor,
driving people to the BigMac online social community.
 Social media is a very personal and personalisable place where
our audience naturally goes to have some fun, therefore the
perfect place to set up the BigMac “fun grounds”, populated by
consumer-created videos, discussions, comments and voting.
Creativity of communication & execution
We launched a microsite at as the keystone
to the campaign, then
encouraged consumers to join
the community:
 OOH supersites in Moscow;
 a national TV campaign with
3 commercials of different
musical genres using the same
BigMac lyrics;
 and contest announcements
on key social sites vkontakte,
myspace, rutube, [email protected]
and radio station sites
reminded consumers about
Big Mac.
Creativity of communication & execution
Then we got the fun started by partnering with MTV,
 with announcements during News Block Weekly
presented by music guru Alexander Anatolievich,
 and special crazy sketches performed on Stereo
Utro, MTV’s morning show. 14 different sketches
were created:
 Nik and Vano performed their own versions of the
BigMac song, ending with, “You can do better?
Prove it, at”
Creativity of communication & execution
To intensify buzz, we launched viral videos, created to look like
contest entries, and supported discussions of them in blogs and on
 “Granny Tamara”, from a small town in Russia, tries to sing her
own Russian folk music version of the BigMac song. But the
sweet little granny has never seen a BigMac, and mispronounces
‘sesame’, bringing a smile to viewers.
 Capitalizing on the popularity of Eurovision, we released a second
fun viral: Alexander Bigmac.
Creativity of communication & execution
People had fun making songs and videos, and there was fun to be
had by checking out all of the entries, adding comments to the site
and voting for favorites.
And as the ultimate in fun, the contest winners performed their song
on MTV, plus got 5 tickets to the MTV Russia Music Awards!
Creativity of communication & execution
Insert video here
Media Results:
1,013,000 page views
206,000 visits (162,000 uniques)
2.5 minutes average time spent
3,504 people joined Big Mac community
The Granny Tamara video took on a life of its own:
 585 people “friended” Granny Tamara on her
vkontakte page
 3,376 views of granny Tamara viral video at
 This viral video amassed 300 posts of discussion.
Business results:
Sales of Big Mac units per thousand grew by 20%!
 Sales stayed up, setting a new benchmark.
Advertising Tracking Panel data shows the campaign changed how
young Russians perceive McDonald’s:
 is young at heart” – 57% (v. 49% average for 2009)
 is a simple pleasure in my life” – 56% (v. 43%)
 offers food I like” – 51% (v. 41%)
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