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Seasons and Weather
Made by
Danil Semenov
Kirill Gubarev
• Our dialogue is about seasons
• Reforms in calendars
• Weather in the seasons
June is on behalf of the Roman
goddess Juno wife of the god Jupiter.
August is named after the Roman
emperor Octavian Augustus.
July is named after the
Roman statesman and
military leader Julius Caesar.
October is from the latin octo,
in ancient Rome was the eight
month of the year.
September, to my mind, is from the
latin word septem(seven). Originally,
in ancient Rome was the seventh
month of the year.
I don’t know any about November.
So I think, that November was the
ninth month of the year.
December is from the latin
decombre(ten). Originally, in
ancient Rome it was the tenth
month of the year.
January is named in honor of
the god of time Janus.
So, February is from the latin
words Februarius(month of
purification). The name is
associated with a religious
holiday. Held in Rome on 15th
March is on behalf the Roman
god of war Mars.
April is from the latin word
aperire(open). At this time the
earth is opened for growth.
Maybe, May is on behalf of the
Roman goddess of spring Maya.
The reform of the calendar held in
46 BC Roman high priest, soldier
and writer, Gaius Julius Caesar.
The basis of the calendar, later
called Julian, put solar year, the
duration of which was
taken to be 365.25 days. But in a
calendar year may be only an
integer number of days. Therefore
instructed to take three out of
every four years for 365 days, in
the fourth - 366 days.
Calendar reform implemented
Pope Gregory XIII on the basis of
the draft Italian physician and
mathematician Luigi Lilio.
The spring equinox was moved to
March 21, in its place. And that
mistake in the future to
accumulate, it
decided out of every 400 years,
throwing for three days. Such a
system is called the Gregorian, or
"new style". In contrast to her for
the Julian calendar solidified the
name "old style"
Weather in seasons
In the autumn, children
go to school, so we see
them upset, but happy
faces. The weather is
changeable too, but
usually it’s windy and
Summer is time for
traveling, so at this
time, the resorts are
very crowded. So
the weather is
sunny and very hot.
Winter ... For children
this time of year means
slide, sled and snow. But
for adults is ice, frozen
engines and steamy
In the spring the
weather is
changeable . It
sometimes rain,
warm and sunny.
People often have to
change the type of
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