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For Accountants:
Mornings = Paulig
Белый Квадрат 2009
Конкурс медиа-проектов
M4 Нетрадиционные и ambient медиа
Mediaplan / OMD Russia
Paulig Coffees
Campaign start date:
Media team:
Dmitry Mordashov, Media Group Head, Mediaplan / OMD Russia
Svetlana Gusarova, Media Manager, Mediaplan / OMD Russia
Elvira Kuptsova, Special Projects Manager, Optimum Media Buying /
OMD Russia
Paulig is a relatively new coffee brand, launched on the Russian market
in Y2006 H2. Paulig concentrates its product range on natural coffee (both
whole beans and ground coffee).
Paulig’s media budget is noticeably smaller than those of their
competitors – Paulig’s SOS was estimated at 2.5% in Y2007.
Moreover in Y2008 we forecast further growth of competitors’ adspends,
while Paulig decreased its media budget by 22%.
Taking into account extremely high media inflation on TV
(the main media for the coffee category, with 98% SOS),
all the above meant minimum opportunities to become
noticed by consumers above massive clutter and make
them choose our brand.
We had to maximize the impact of every ruble invested.
We advised concentrating communications on reaching a first-priority
sub-segment of the audience, and to find a highly-targeted, yet farreaching, communications channel to promote Paulig among them.
Women aged 30-54 with average to above average incomes make up
Paulig’s most attractive consumer segment. They represent the highest
share and affinity for
1) heavy consumers of natural coffee,
2) regular buyers of natural coffee.
But this is the audience all competitors are targeting.
To over-shout competitors with Paulig’s small media
budget we decided to concentrate our efforts on one
of its largest sub-segments.
There are more than 3 million accountants in Russia; a huge audience.
Research showed that 90% of Russian accountants ideally match our
demographic profile.
They are mostly women, aged 30-55, with average to high incomes.
Moreover, coffee consumption among them is extremely high:
80% of accountants consume coffee,
52% consume natural coffee,
31% are heavy consumers of
natural coffee (affinity 172)
We thought about key “coffee moments” in our audience’s day.
83% of coffee drinkers consume it in the morning (source: Snapshots)
Pretty much everyone pours herself a cup of coffee when she firsts get
to the office – for many people it’s a key ritual to start the day.
Therefore, we looked for a channel to integrate Paulig into every
accountant’s morning.
Accountants in Russia widely use special software – 1C.
It is designed for specific technical purposes: generating bills, managing
accounts, correlating debit and credit, etc.
The most efficient, yet probably the least entertaining software ever created.
Every morning accountants across Russia turn on 1C when they switch on
their computers – it’s the territory they live in throughout the day.
The ideal springboard for our surprise attack!
For 3 months, information from Paulig was integrated into 1C,
appearing when the program was activated.
Every morning, accountants across Russia turn on 1C to start their day, as
automatically as the rest of us switch on email.
And every morning, on the menu screen where 1C publishes key
information about updates and other vital news, our accountants saw the
Paulig message, inviting them to visit the Paulig mini-site embedded in 1C.
Banner seen upon 1C activation in March:
Banner seen upon 1C activation in April
Banner seen upon 1C activation in May
Information on the mini-site changed each month, stimulating repeat visits.
Our accountants were engaged in contests, received coffee recipes, and
were even challenged to write poetry about Paulig.
inside 1C
Solution: Paulig mini-site INSIDE 1C
Paulig greeted our audience at an appropriate daypart – who doesn’t
automatically reach for a cup of coffee as they sit down to start another day
at the office?
We added an element of fun to a functional but rather boring
accounting system. With the click of a mouse, yet without exiting 1C, the
audience could give themselves a welcome break from tables with numbers
and test their knowledge about coffee, or find a new recipe to try out at
home. Plus, in the land of Pushkin, many Russians fancy themselves poets.
Paulig gave them a reason, and an outlet, to exercise their literary skills.
We caught the audience’s attention by interrupting daily routine in a
unique and noticeable way. We courted them with something new and
pleasant, yet never shocked or stepped beyond the bounds of what the
audience was ready to accept.
Paulig stood out above the clutter: we employed a new communications
medium where no other coffee brand had ever been.
3 million people, all of whom belong to the target audience, received
Brand’s message. Not a single ruble wasted!
We captured attention by interrupting daily routine in a unique
and noticeable way, at the appropriate time of day:
mornings, at the start of the work day, when you reach for
your first cup to jumpstart the morning.
Opportunity-to-See: 60+
CPT 92 times less expensive than TV campaign: $0,7 vs $65
TNS research showed:
Aided awareness in Moscow grew 13%;
After adding 1C to Paulig’s usual marketing channels,
consumer preference for Paulig doubled,
and in St. Petersburg Paulig President became the most
preferred coffee brand!;
Across Russia, brand loyalty increased by 67% in H2 2008
compared to H1 2008.
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