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The academic journal 'Vestnik of the Russian Plekhanov University of Economics'
has been published since 2004 and in 2012 it became monthly.
Registration Certificate: PI NFC 77-48009 dated 29 December 2011
of Higher Professional
of Economics' (PRUE).
Education 'Russian Plekhanov
By the Higher Attestation Boart the journal 'Vestnik of the Russian Plekhanov
of Economics' was included in the list of leading reviewed academic journals
and publications recommended for publishing key academic findings
of dissertations for Doctor and PhD degree.
The Journal 'Vestnik of the Russian Plekhanov University of Economics'
was included in the Russian quotation index and offered in the open access
on the platform of E-library for registered users.
The mission of the journal is to discuss findings of research,
interesting problems in the field of economics, entrepreneurship,
theory and practice of management, development of education
in the Russian Federation and abroad.
The Journal Headings
Education Innovations
Economic Theory
Discussion Table
History of Philosophic Thought
History of Economic Thought
Finance, Monetary Circulation and Credit
Accounting and Statistics
Theory and Practice of Management
Marketing, Logistics, Service Sector
Mathematic and Instrumental methods
Regional Economy
Legal Policy
World Economy
Commodity Research and Expertise
Russian History
The journal is designed for researchers, analysts and practical workers
in the field of economics and a wide audience interested in social
and economic problems in Russia and abroad.
'Vestnik' is distributed in Russia and CIS countries through the catalogue
of ROSPECHAT Agency. Subscription to the journal can be made
in a post-office of Russia. Subscription index: 84670.
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