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Construction starts at world's first FLNG project
go Jack South Korea
school as the Sun rises nearly 30,000 workers
prepare to stop a day at one of the biggest shipyards
in the world tocqueville visual okay for many of them
this is special be creating history
in a world first project that will change the energy industry
it's pretty cool ages what we do here
but that's how you push the boundary if we fail
which he will notes yes then you know
I'm your reputation is at stake on
shell calls this the prelude project a complicated blend of technology
and engineering it's being built and designed in no fewer than 10 countries
my before a single place have steel was Kat
hearing Judge a there was already over four and a half million
hours spent in development in Paris
engineer James no pressure is just one of hundreds
working to Mike the plans a reality the really
that cool things about what we're doing is a designing something that we've
never been before and plane crash in ink
liquefaction plant in the middle of the ocean it's in a man's challenge
but prelude is said to be a game-changer from
put simply it will be the largest structure ever sent to see
so big it will contain enough steel
to build the equivalent of 35 Eiffel Tower
s all these blocks will become
gay I'd love think you're a
Lego lot to Facebook's being put together it's absolutely huge
every day there's so many more home alive everywhere
its magnificent though she has scaled
and ingenuity of the structure is to walk down a great bites your make-ups
in a revolutionary approach
instead of piping natural gas to land shelled
will be taking an entire gas plant to see Frank grow and and Chris McDermott
I just to have the 150 stop that will live
and work on both the facility during normal operations
that lol 50 gonna be like a motel
but their trip to say at a about this
will be no hollaback girl preludes destination 200 kilometers off the
northwest coast of Australia
is right in the middle of psychoanalysis
this thing's belts are chronic conditions side
it'll be fine but it's a big facility are you know it's going to be quite
interesting to be out there with a cat farts are crying I'm
talk soap engineers have decided anchoring system
on a scale but has never been attempted before gas from the field
and his the vessel through the tyrant which is held in place
by four groups but mooring lines the facility can then rotate
around the terrorist responding to the oceans movements
no matter what the conditions during a cycling
with a move would put didn't give somebody the vessel remains on station
on movin with a mean complement the 15-member board
tools on what raided your loss to get it right we just kind of a fourth
any incidents where we are offshore
it's too far away a test to be called to go answers
so what lease here needs to be of top quality
and otherwise it will make me feel the obstacles
are substantial but so are the rewards each year
prelude will produce enough liquid natural gas to meet the needs of a city
the sizeof home call and the price of doing this from places never before
thought viable
is seen as crucial to the world's energy future we're really excited
and that is a huge responsibility must say I but its
a great feeling to be part up this go
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