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Comenius ‘SOUL’–Trzydnik 2013
 Did you enjoy the project meeting in Trzydnik?
Yes, it was an very interesting experience!
 What did you think of the school in Trzydnik compared to your
It was different, they had just 180 pupils and it was an older
school than ours.
 What did you think of Poland compared to your country?
The food was MUCH cheaper and I really enjoyed it, the small
village we stayed in was also different to the village I live but it
was an enjoyable experience!
 When staying with a host family what areas of their lives did
you notice were similar or different to your own?
They lived on a farm, it was different to where I live so it was
pretty cool to stay there.
 Has your visit changed the way you do anything now you are
back home?
Yes, I appreciate the busses in Belgium more because in Poland
I thought they could fall apart every second!
 What healthy activities did you take part in on your visit?
Usually I don’t breakfast and in the family they breakfasted
everyday so I started eating in the morning.
 Did you see/experience any healthy food/drinks during your
Yeah we had tea and fresh milk everymorning.
 What do you think of Polonez and the disco party? Explain.
It was a funny dance and the disco, there were kids that looked
like they were going to a real ‘disco’ it was weird to see
something like that.
 Which of the activities did you enjoy most? Explain why.
The spa center we went to after visiting Lublin it was pretty
 Did you enjoy your day in Lublin? Explain.
Yes, like I said in the previous question I enjoyed the spa in
Lublin and the shopping center was pretty awesome too but we
didn’t see the city itself but it looked a little bit dirty and I think
it’s not so pleasant to stay there.
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