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Dear Blossom Parents,
The new Term is right around the corner and as the weeks go by I can’t help but
stop and notice how much our children have grown. It’s funny as I remember being
new in Septemeber with Blossom and I remember the first month and seeing the
children cry as they were being dropped off by their Mommies and Daddies. I could
never have imagined that now children cry when they have to leave because they
want one more turn on the bike or slid. Secretly it warms my heart seeing a child
not wanting to go home as it affirms the loving environment we try to create at
The new spring term is just around the corner and besides having our garden in full
bloom of flowers and radishes I can’t help but stop and notice how much our
children have grown since September. It’s such a blessing for me to be able to
witness and celebrate our children’s milestones as part of my job. From walking to
talking to running and playing to even crying at the end of the day because they are
just not ready let to go home yet.
Fruit Week was a big hit at Blossom Nursery, even for the front office staff who got
to taste a fruitylicious salad from the lavenders classroom, thank you. Blossom
children with some help from Ripe got to learn all about a variety of fresh fruit and
vegetables. I think the best part of it all was seeing the expression of the children’s
faces when they tried raw ginger. Besides fruit week at Blossom each class came up
with there very own way to celebrate plant a flower day. Some classes actually
potted seeds while others created beautiful art work to celebrate the beauty of the
Plant a flower
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