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Leading the energy industry into new dimensions of project
One of the exciting things
about working on a Shell project
is that we're working on things that, in some cases,
people haven't done before.
What we want is safety.
What we want is a flawless start-up.
What we want is a sustainable facility
that stays up the uptime, for producing oil and gas.
We needed another solution to be able to understand
where we're at in the fabrication process of delivering,
in order for us not to be caught off-guard with some bad surprises.
We're starting to see more benefits to using visualisation in data.
Tie in our 3D models into the 4D part of it,
which would be the scheduling.
So an extension from design into the fabrication
to plan, status and deliver our projects.
My work is about finding solutions to problems that we find in the field
and the ability to link our 3D model
with the schedule, with all of our drawings
in one central application
allows me to solve these problems with our contractor
in a matter of minutes when it used to take days or weeks.
It really allows you to plan in the future.
So, if you're late, you're late, there's nothing you can do about it.
That happens in the past.
It allows you to plan forward, looking at the bigger picture.
It's also a way for us to be able to flag
potential issues and problems before they happen
so we can react to them and proactively move forward
in a very careful way, but yet in a safe way,
to mitigate those issues.
It's planning for safety now.
I mean, you're already planning your work
and trying to mitigate any issues you may have with the software,
like we've discussed.
So, looking into the future and planning your work a bit better...
is what this tool allows you to do.
Let's work on that deck while it's on the ground,
4ft above the ground as opposed to 50ft in the air.
So, again, it's all about the planning
and being proactive about planning your safety.
The thing that drives us
is the collaborative ways of working within Shell.
It's a technical and competitive IT organisation.
It's our engineers, it's our designers,
it's our programmers working together on a world-class-size project
in water depth that in some cases hasn't been achieved before.
It's exciting to be part of that transition.
To really pioneer this,
because I think it's unheard of.
On 4D Modelling we're on a journey
and I think that Mars B is the stepping stone towards our future.
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