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World Bank Agreement negotiation
UNICEF and the World Bank (WB) have developed a Model Agreement for the Procurement Services
on behalf of World Bank Government borrowers (Hereafter “World Bank Funding Agreement”). The
WB Funding Agreement constitutes the legal framework for procurement with WB funding,
providing that the WB transfers the funds directly to UNICEF. Please note that the WB Funding
Agreements are Non- Standard Agreements and, therefore, a delegation of signature from SD
Director and quality assurance from PSC are required before signature.
Prior the signature of the WB Funding Agreement, please consider the following checklist for the
negotiation and implementation of the WB Funding Agreements:
1. The UNICEF CO informs Supply Division – Procurement Services Centre that the negotiations
for a procurement services project funded by the WB are underway.
2. The Procurement Services Centre sends the WB Funding Checklist to the CO. The Checklist is
a form which helps the CO in obtaining the required information on the project and the
financial agreement between the WB and Government (including total ceiling, credit
number, project title and short project description, the date of the Financial Agreement
between the WB and the Government, etc).
3. The PS Risk and Policy Specialist coordinates the drafting and finalisation of the WB Funding
Agreement with the CO and the relevant SD Business Units.
4. The Government requests "Non Objection to contract" from the WB.
5. The UNICEF SD Director grants Delegation of Signature for the WB Funding Agreement to
the UNICEF CO Representative (UNICEF PSC requests this authorisation).
6. PSC sends the WB Funding Agreement and the Delegation of Signature to the CO, to the
attention of the CO Representative.
7. The CO forwards the WB Funding Agreement to the Government for signature prior to
signature by CO Representative.
8. The Government signs and dates two copies of the WB Funding Agreement.
9. After checking that no changes have been introduced to the WB Funding Agreement, it is
signed and dated by the UNICEF CO Representative. Once signed, a copy of the WB Funding
Agreement shall be returned to the partner for its records and an electronic copy shall be
forwarded to [email protected] (to the attention of PS Risk and Policy Specialist).
10. The Government files a blanket withdrawal application for the total ceiling of the WB
Funding Agreement. The Government should send a copy of the Blanket Withdrawal to the
UNICEF CO (to be shared with PSC and with the relevant SD Business Units).
11. The CO forwards the Government’s procurement requests to [email protected]
12. SD issues a Cost Estimate (CE).
13. The Government reviews and accepts in writing the CE within the established validity period.
14. SD delivers a Payment Request (Template in Annex V of World Bank Funding Agreement) to
the WB based on the Government’s acceptance of the Cost Estimate and the Blanket
Withdrawal Application sent by the Government to the World Bank.
15. The WB transfers funds to the UNICEF SD.
16. Both SD and CO (for local procurement and/or Services) Purchase Orders should not be
placed against World Bank banned suppliers, so please check the following link before
placing local orders:
17. SD initiates procurement.
18. SD may reduce quantities in case of increase of prices or freight etc. In case of overruns, the
Government remains liable to pay.
19. The CO requests “Acceptance of the delivery” (Annex VI of the World Bank Funding
Agreement) from the Government and sends a copy to the WB Focal Point in SD.
20. In the event that the statement of account indicates a balance of funds in favour of the
Government, the Government will consult with the WB and provide payment instruction to
SD with respect to the balance
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