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1) Before Human habitation the Knob reserve would look a lot different than it does today. The
land within it and surrounding it would only consist of bushland, with no walking tracks, oval
or shed. There would be native wildlife about and plenty of native flora and fauna that is
currently no longer there. The nature of the knob would look exactly like any bush that has
been untouched by humans.
2) Contemporary indigenous pass down knowledge they have been bought up to understand.
They teach other people who know less than they do about the natural environment and
how it should be treated. They share how they once interacted with the land and how that
has changed overtime. This gives people the understanding on what indigenous people’s
relationship is with the land and how they use it.
3) Non-indigenous couldn’t show their perception of the Australian land through art. They
didn’t have the right colours to abstract what the Australia environment looked like as they
always used colours to represent their own country which was different from Australia. The
only way they could show their perception was through poetry as they were able to write
what was around them and how harsh the Australian natural environment was to them.
4) Nation building was where people begun to have mixed relationships with the land. There
were some people who began to understand that they didn’t to protect the land and not
overuse the resources, whilst there was still be who believed the land was there for a
resource. People begun to see how they could make the land sustainable by still using it as a
resource but only when they needed to rely on it.
5) The wilderness society is an example of an environment movement. They changed the way
people perceived the natural environment and encouraged people to protect it. When the
hydro dam over the Franklin River was going to be built, people became outraged and
wanted to put a ban to it. The wilderness society tried everything to ban the hydro dam to
help conserve and protect the environment. People began to become more educated on
why the natural environment was so important and why they had to protect it.
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