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Note of Alyth Community Council Meeting on November 24th 2010 in
Alyth Town Hall.
1. Present: Stuart Clark, Sanjay Samani, George Annan, Barbara Prettyman,
Marguerite McKenzie, Edith Payne, Susan Allan and Sgt Andrew Ness. Apologies:
Amanda Blakeman.
2. Police Report: Sgt Ness reported a relatively quiet month: a couple of thefts (car stereo, and
a strimmer) but no drugs/weapons etc. A dead beaver had been found and that was being
investigated. Round and about, a big crime was the theft of old copper wire cables from BT.
Bogus callers (well dressed, English speaking) gaining access to homes and then stealing
valuables etc.
3. Minute of previous Meeting and Matters Arising
a. Note was approved as an accurate record (prop. Barbara, sec. by Stuart.)
b. Item 5g – meeting had been arranged with Blairgowrie CC to discuss the wind farm
proposals on 30 November.
c. 5h – PA system – GA has obtained a quote of £1000-1200. It was agreed to submit a
proposal to Drumderg (GA and SA). In the meantime, Sandy McCurdy has offered a
loan of a PA system and Stuart agreed to notify Michael Kay.
4. Alyth Citizen of Year and young COY. Nominations had been received for a number
of citizens and it was noted that in some instances, no narrative had been supplied
to explain why the individual was being nominated or on what grounds. This made it
difficult to assess the case. Nominations included:Sheena Fotheringham – (Brown Owl, former Brownie, Friends of Brownies, Christmas
Event), May Hogg, Jim Lindsay – (Airlie St Halls), Marguerite McKenzie (ineligible as a
member of ACC), George Allan (Alyth Youth Partnership, former Community Councillor,
Drumderg Panel member and Alyth 2020), Margaret Aitchison – (excluded as previous
COY), Irene Hart – (Guiding) and Nellie Smith. The Community Council elected George
Allan as the Alyth Citizen of the Year 2011. There were 2 nominations for YCOY . Sarah
Wheatley (Alyth Youth Partnership The Hub) and Patrick West –(Scouts). Both received
very detailed and supportive nominations and it was agreed that they should be joint
Young Citizens of the Year.
5. Chairman’s remarks
a. Stuart reported about 60 odd people had attended the Main Issues Report Open
Day and that it had gone well. Overall response had been that people don’t want
any more development and many have doubts about existing plans) e.g. Glenisla.
b. Marian Bruce reported on Alyth Hill Users Group and spoke to the submission for
funding. ACC agreed a payment of £250 to the group for picnic tables.
c. SSSE Hydro proposal for taking off water to north of Kilry was discussed. It was
agreed that Stuart should reply saying we had concerns. Action - Stuart
6. Secretary’s Report: Sanjay reported the Den of Alyth was Site of Special Scientific Interest.
7. Treasurer’s Report – The coffee morning had made £444 which would help with the
Volunteers Party. The issue of the £1000 bequest was raised and it was agreed this should
be put on the agenda to discuss once it had been clarified whether there were conditions
attached to the bequest.
8. Meeting ended at 9.00pm. Next Meeting is at 7pm on January 26th 2011.
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