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10th September 20xx
Dear Jane,
Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written but it’s been bonkers since the last time I got in
touch. I’ll just give you a quick update and will write a longer letter soon.
As you know, we had a two week cruise around the Caribbean last month which was
marvellous. The food was absolutely amazing, and the service was superb. We were well
looked after by the head waiter and managed to sit by a window nearly every time we ate.
All the ports were fantastic – I can’t remember the names of them as it was all a bit of a
whirlwind going from one to the next, but the guides were both really friendly and
knowledgeable. I particularly liked one lady, who took the time to explain a bit about the
day-to-day culture of her island.
Talking of travel, Dave’s car decided to have a rest in June. We were on the way over to
Mum and Dad’s when it just died. It was something to do with the electrics and we had a
real job controlling it onto the hard shoulder coz the steering cut out. OMG, what a palaver.
We had to get a guy out, who was lovely I have to say, but it was so cold waiting for him to
show up. I was frozen by the time I climbed into his cab. It cost a fortune to have it fixed
and caused a bit of messing about getting to work but it’s ok now.
We’ve had another drain on our savings and I think the car decided to come out in
sympathy with the washer. If it’s not one thing it’s another. That was hilarious – not. Came
home from work to find water everywhere. I have no idea what happened, as you know, I
am useless with anything mechanical or electrical, but we had to go to that showroom in
Manchester that we got the dishwasher from and pick up another one.
Luckily, the kids are fine. Jill had her first footy match last Saturday (they drew 2-2) and
whilst she will never be Messi, she could make a decent left back if she practised a bit. John
is well and enjoying his dance lessons. He really likes tap and drives us mad in the evenings
clicking away whilst we are trying to listen to the telly. It’s great he’s found something he
likes though, we’ve been trying for ages to get him to do some sort of activity.
What else? Back to work with a bump after the holiday. It’s a bit mad this week with
training new students during the summer school, and new PAL Leaders. PAL is such a good
idea – second years support new students with difficult subjects. It’s a great way of them
meeting people too as it can be tough for newbies, especially if they don’t come from round
here. I’ve been really tired but it’s so rewarding when you hear from the Leaders how their
first sessions have gone.
Last but not least, I got on the scales after going to the gym and it’s not quite as bad as I
thought. I hadn’t put that much weight on during the cruise although it’s probably all that
walking we did – it must’ve been at least 4 hours a day. And then the kids wanted us to go
swimming with them when we got back on the ship. I’ve probably never done as much
Anyway, that’s all for now. See you soon.
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