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Top Ten Reasons to Enter DAY IN THE LIFE Contest:
1) Family photography is one of the most fun things your family will experience.
Quote from a client last week: “I really had such a great time today! Just
spending time with my family!”
2) Mom’s (and Dad’s) are often never in the pictures—they are too busy holding
the camera. Now you can be in your own shots!
3) Christmas is right around the corner—what a fun opportunity to get some shots
with the whole family together!
4) Did I mention it’s free?
5) What a fun gift to give to Mom (or Dad or grandparents or anyone!)!
6) Kids grow up really quickly. This is a chance to capture them in their element.
7) I’m really fun. And laid back. And chill. You won’t even notice I’m there after a
few minutes. Sometimes I make really funny jokes. And kids seem to love me for
some reason.
8) Everyone who books a shoot with Emily Alt Photography gets a cute bag of
homemade chocolate chip cookies. Yum.
9) The littlest moments in life are some of the best ones; here’s a chance to
document them.
10) Seriously. It’s a free contest. You’ve got nothing to lose!
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